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Happy Birthday, Dorothy Parker

Yoko Ogawa’s Dystopian Warning in The Memory Police

Literature's Wildest Lesbian Love Story Is Coming to the Big Screen

Looking Back on 100 Instances of Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Rape

Chavisa Woods's memoir presents a horrific and at-times-hilarious queer woman's journey through the swamps of sexism.

Toni Morrison Is Dead

Seattle Isn't Dying, and My Proof Is Seattle Walk Report

Our streets are filled with treasures. Suck it, Tucker Carlson.

Sex and Death and Dead Animals in Central Florida

Novelist Kristen Arnett's freak flag flies at full mast in Mostly Dead Things.

Welcome to Chuck Wendig’s Apocalypse

In His New Memoir, Common Sheds Light on a Lifestyle That Old School Rappers Only Dreamed About

Common lands at the Moore to discuss his second autobiographical outing, Let Love Have the Last Word.

New Bizarre Poems from Zachary Schomburg in Pulver Maar

How the Dream Delivery Service Works

Poet Mathias Svalina bikes around town leaving new writing on doorstops at dawn.

Out of the Ashes of Thick as Thieves Comes the New Comics Quarterly Hair Flip

You can pick up the inaugural issue at a cafe, bar, or DIY space near you.

Cold Cube Press Keeps Kicking

They're giving up their gallery space, but they're going to continue publishing weird and amazing books.

The Reason Why We Live in the Future Birthed by Hiphop

Bootleggers, Moralists, Brothels, and Vice Lords

The nonfiction book Seattle Prohibition tells the story of the city a hundred years ago.

Jonathan Haidt Is Not Optimistic

Kara Swisher Takes No Bullshit

The journalist's long view of Big Tech is worth hearing.

A Reading List for the End of the World

The best, weirdest, and scariest books about climate change.

How Elizabeth Gilbert Survived the Death of a Woman She Loved

"I do a lot of supernatural shit," the author told me.

Mount Analogue Will Close Up Shop in June

The Top 21 National Poetry Month 2019 Events in Seattle

Ilya Kaminsky, Morgan Parker, the Cadence Video Poetry Festival, and Other Critics' Picks

The Multivalent Blackness of Morgan Parker

Magical Negro is hilarious and wrenching poetry.

An Incredible Chapbook About Danielle Steel

Patty Gone intersperses letters to the famous romance novelist with analysis, research, and personal reflection.

A Novel That Reminds Me of the Boring Parts of Porn

King of Joy is full of flowing prose, but it's also druggy and vague.

Endman Wants You to Watch Yourself

Wow, There Are a Lot of Drugs in This Book

A review of Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's new novel, Sketchtasy.

What's Wrong with Lake City?

Novelist Thomas Kohnstamm satirizes a local fictional loser.
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