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Hugo House, Seattle's Premier Literary Center, Reopens on Capitol Hill

See inside at the grand reopening celebration on September 22.

The Best Readings & Talks in Seattle: Fall 2018

Picks from Seattle Art and Performance for Sept 17–Dec 9, 2018

Orcas Are Cool, but Have You Seen a Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker? Or a Wolf Eel? Or a Giant Pacific Octopus?

Drew Collins's book of underwater photography celebrates Puget Sound's lesser-known creatures.

Americans in Paris in Patrick deWitt’s Wry, Dry French Exit

The Portland author expands his literary purview to include the idle rich.

Julie Whipple’s Crash Course Will Make You Never Want to Fly Again

The 1978 Portland Crash Changed Commercial Flight as We Knew It

Learn How to Waste a Day Like a Champion

Why Did a Mother Throw Her Kids Off a Bridge?

What drove a woman to try to kill her own children in Portland?

The Secret Token Exposes the Mythology of the Roanoke Colony

Journalist Andrew Lawler contextualizes one of America’s favorite mysteries.

Why Is Everyone in the Northwest So Obsessed with Serial Killers?

Alice Bolin's collection of essays, Dead Girls, has some answers.

Genevieve Hudson’s Pretend We Live Here Boldly Makes Queerness the Norm

Hudson’s fierce debut finds a fitting home at Future Tense Books.

Claire L. Evans’s Broad Band Reveals Women’s Contributions to Tech

A hidden history of computing, from the 1800s to the 1990s.

Bad Moms and Brutal Honesty in I Will Be Complete

Glen David Gold’s memoir recounts a singularly awful upbringing.

A Night of Supernatural Cats at Seattle Meowtropolitan

Author Zack Davisson shares stories about Japan's mystical menagerie of felines.

Kylian Mbappé and the Contradictions of Fortress Europe

A Beach Read For People Who Love Hating Things

Geneviève Castrée’s Last Book Is a Baby Book for Her Daughter

Despite its tragic circumstances, in A Bubble all is well.

What Happens When You Get Shot and Survive

"Few people have an actual concept of how much damage a single bullet can do."

Rita Bullwinkel’s Belly Up Is Like an Endless Jungle

The latest, impressive short-story collection from A Strange Object.

The Stranger's Guide to the Best Bookstores, Literary Events, and Libraries in Seattle

An itinerary for literature lovers and bibliophiles in Seattle

A Book About Longing, Self-Sabotage, and Distant Planets

Chelsea Hodson's essays explore the haziness of young romance.

The Long Odds of Poe Ballantine’s Whirlaway Pay Off

A weird, wonderful yarn about horse races, record collectors, and telepathic dogs.

King Street Station Is the Center of the Universe

Jason Heller’s Strange Stars Rehashes the Space-Obsessed 1970s

There's a starman still waiting in the sky.

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

Like a Mother is a thoughtful, engaging, and well-researched book about pregnancy.

Islamophobia in the USA

American Islamophobia reveals our nation’s long history of prejudice.

How Comedy Stopped Being a Genre and Became the Only Way Humans Communicate

A conversation with Planet Funny author Ken Jennings.

Before Disney, There Was E.H. Shepard

A new book explores the illustrator‘s work with A.A. Milne.

Tom Wolfe, 1931-2018

Rock ’n’ Roll Requiem: Steven Hyden’s Twilight of the Gods

The journeyman music journalist documents the decline of classic rock.

"On the one hand, the joy of children. On the other hand, the misery of them."

That's the dilemma facing the narrator of Sheila Heti's novel Motherhood.

Where in the World Is Angela Garbes?

Poet Tommy Pico Shows His Junk

Rich Smith plays show and tell with Tommy Pico, who hits town behind new book, Junk.
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