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World Domination Chronicles Sub Pop's Rise, Fall, and Rise

Gillian Gaar's book is a treat for the label's hardcore fans.

It Is So Foggy Outside Right Now

Yoga for Writers Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Self-care for people who'd rather be drinking.

Rejoice: Michelle Obama Is Coming!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trolls

A UW professor offers a complete history of Scandinavia's mythical beasts.

Sad News, Seattle: Gramma Press Is Folding

Finding David Sedaris

If I can run into my hero twice in one day, it could happen again. Right?

A Revealing Memoir of Airport Detention

Mohamed Asem's fascinating Stranger in the Pen.

Why Our Sexual Fluids Failed to Humanize the Car

Francis Fukuyama Is Wrong (Again) About Identity Politics

Identity politics isn't killing democracy. Republicans are.

Katie Ford’s Heartbreaking Sonnets Strike a Chord

The looming shadow of divorce in If You Have to Go.

Berlin Is a Masterpiece of a Graphic Novel

Jason Lutes's exquisitely drawn story of the rise of fascism in Germany took 20 years to complete.

The Stranger's Lit Crawl Guide 2018

Jill Soloway, Hannah Gadsby, and Morgan Parker Take the Stage

Expect a heated discussion.

Natalie Diaz Is a Genius

Hey, Writers: STFU About "the Muse"

Acclaimed author Sarah Manguso says writing isn't magic, and it isn't a cage fight either.

Hugo House, Seattle's Premier Literary Center, Reopens on Capitol Hill

See inside at the grand reopening celebration on September 22.

The Best Readings & Talks in Seattle: Fall 2018

Picks from Seattle Art and Performance for Sept 17–Dec 9, 2018

Orcas Are Cool, but Have You Seen a Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker? Or a Wolf Eel? Or a Giant Pacific Octopus?

Drew Collins's book of underwater photography celebrates Puget Sound's lesser-known creatures.

Americans in Paris in Patrick deWitt’s Wry, Dry French Exit

The Portland author expands his literary purview to include the idle rich.

Julie Whipple’s Crash Course Will Make You Never Want to Fly Again

The 1978 Portland Crash Changed Commercial Flight as We Knew It

Learn How to Waste a Day Like a Champion

Why Did a Mother Throw Her Kids Off a Bridge?

What drove a woman to try to kill her own children in Portland?

The Secret Token Exposes the Mythology of the Roanoke Colony

Journalist Andrew Lawler contextualizes one of America’s favorite mysteries.
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