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Album Reviews: the Pop Group, Ex Hex, and Black Hat

The Real Alabama Ghost Music of the Pine Hill Haints

Combining Spiritual Mysticism with the Quest for Writing the Perfect Pop Songs

Let's Talk About Veruca Salt

Let's Talk About Veruca Salt

Liars Cancelled, Die Antwoord Ruled

Important Game of Thrones Poll

Welcome Back, Kathleen Hanna

Yes Homo!: Six Queer Bands We Love

And the Best Band Press Photo of the Week Goes To...

La Luz Looks into the Future

With the Help of a Professional Psychic Hired by The Stranger

The Annual "Baby, It's Cold Outside" Discussion

Men Who Rock!

Men Are Doing It for Themselves

What is a Boof Boof???

Space Invasion

Barging in on Three Musicians in Their Practice Spaces

Sexist Queers

Being in a Band with Two Other Girls Reveals the Unchecked Sexism of Music Journalists and Queer Punks Alike
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