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The "Subconscious Art" of Graffiti-Removal

Sundance Review: Emergency Is Quite a Ride

Sundance Review: Well, We Loved This One

Add The Worst Person in the World to your watchlist. It's coming to SIFF next month.

Sundance Comes Back to Seattle: Here's How to Watch

New Comic: Texts from Mom

Give Students Quality Masks! Now! Please!

Here's the Thing About TOMO

Is it beautiful and exquisite? Totally. But I have a tip.

Drive My Car Deserves All the Praise

The Fall Is Unstreamable

The 355 Is a Bummer

The nicest thing I can say is it reminded me of a very funny scene in another movie.

New Comic: No More Autobiography

Hanukkah's Over, but Schmaltzy's Serves Latke Press Sandwiches All Year Round

Better latke than never.

Slog PM: A Fucking Lot of Swearing-Ins

RuPaul's Next Seattle Queen

Say hi to Bosco, Seattle's newest tribute to the Drag Race franchise.

Amanda Knox's Very Strange 2021

Am Night Before Christmas

Here's What You Should Watch Over Christmas Weekend

I, Anonymous: Seattle Isn't a Freaking War Zone

What Amanda Gorman Owes the Reader (and What the Reader Owes Her)

Call Us What We Carry, Gorman’s first full-length book, will not satiate any of her social media critics. Nor can I call it a great collection.

What Does SoDo Smell Like?

It smells like FKA twigs—if you know where to whiff.

The Room's Greg Sestero Says His Favorite Cult Movie Is Fight Club

He's hosting a special screening of The Room in Tacoma later this week.

Here's What You Should Do for New Year's Eve in Seattle

The Stranger picks its favorite events.

I, Anonymous: Stop The Stranger's War on Cars

Crossroads Is Unstreamable

Slog PM: Sawant Comes Through; 911 Breaks; and Awww, Sweet, Gays!

Get to Know Portland Author Stacy Brewster

Here's What You Should Do This Week: Jingle Gayly, Run From SANTACON, Kick All the Way Back

I, Anonymous: THX, Boomers!

A Big List of Unstreamable Movies

Turn off the internet and touch some tapes.

Music Video Friday: Meet Seattle's New Cool Kids, THEM

They recently released a video for their hit track, "BAD 4 U."

Vote NO on the Kshama Sawant Recall

New Savage Lovecast: With Comedian Judy Gold!

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