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The Origin of Dune

Frank Herbert saw his world in Washington facing an environmental threat. So he imagined a way out.

Six Picks from This Year's Seattle Queer Film Festival

Let's watch some queer-ass movies, Seattle.

What’s It Like to Be Killed by an Alien? We Asked Tom Skerritt

We asked him a lot of other things too.

The New Anthony Fauci Documentary Features a Celebrated Seattle Activist

Bill Gates is in it, too.

Sasquatch Is Real, At Least to the People in This Washington-Made Bigfoot Movie

Don't call it a mockumentary.

What You Should See at the 2021 Seattle International Film Festival

TJ Martin’s Tinas

Tina Turner and Tina Bell are two musical trailblazers. One is the subject of documentarian TJ Martin’s latest film. The other might be the subject of his next one.

No Matter Who Wins in Godzilla vs. Kong, We All Lose

Istanbul's Strays Step Into the Spotlight

Elizabeth Lo's feature-length directorial debut Stray is about more than just dogs.

We're Still Fighting Agent Orange

The directors of The People vs. Agent Orange talk about the new, historic legal fights captured in their documentary

The Vigil's Dark, Delicate Horror Streams This Friday

Six Years in the Making, Lupe Drops on HBO This Friday

An interview with the directors, executive producer, and star.

I Care a Lot Made Me Think a Lot About Britney Spears

The Magnificent Minari and Its American Dream

The New, Remarkably Prescient Film About a Pandemic That's Set in Seattle

A quick chat with Little Fish director Chad Hartigan about his film and its freaky parallels.

Sundance Round-up: Black Woodstock, Depressing Puppets, and a Cryptid Zoo

Sundance Review: Land Forgets the Land It Stands On

Sundance Review: Wild Indian and the Violence We Keep

Sundance Review: Censor Is Unhinged VHS-Fueled Horror

Fernanda Valadez's Remarkable Debut Film

Regina King Has Directing Muscles to Flex

Wonder Woman Fails the Middle East

Sound of Metal Is a Profound Experience

The Fire Was Just the Beginning

The Nest Convinced Me Never to Marry Jude Law

I Keep Thinking About One Bloody Neck Wound in Possessor

A Double Feature of Dread

Spiral and Alone will help you ring in the spooky season.

Wil Wheaton Is Not Your Pal

Neither is Rent-A-Pal.
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