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Durkan and Best Aren't Resigning

Our Police Are Civil Servants and Guardians, Not Warriors

Get Ready for Today's Budget Meeting

Teresa Mosqueda Calls for Mayor Durkan to Resign

Seattle Residents Got Tear Gassed in Their Own Apartments

Slog AM: Seattle Protests, Trump Finally Gets a Wall, Russia's State of Emergency

Man Plays Trumpet, Gets Tackled by Cops

The Amazon Tax Is Back on the Menu

Lisa Herbold Wants to Prevent SPD from Covering Badge Numbers

SPD Officer Jared Campbell Was Not Deploying Pepper Spray

Activists pointed their finger at the wrong cop, city says.

Kid at Seattle Protest Was Allegedly Maced by Cop

Dan Strauss Calls for Allowing Outdoor Dining in the Middle of Ballard Ave NW

The District 6 councilmember says the coronavirus crisis is a "perfect opportunity to be creative with using our right of ways to support our small businesses."

What's With the Crop Circles in Seattle Parks?

Kshama Sawant's Lonely Tax Amazon Meeting

Thursday's Tax Amazon Meeting Will Be Spicy

Can Kshama Sawant's New Tax Amazon Meeting Even Happen?

Slog PM: A "Gush" of Fraudulent Claims, Cheeseheads Pack Bars, What the Clinkerdagger! Bickerstaff! Pett's!

Tensions Rise After Tax Amazon Legislation Is Put on Hold

Does Seattle Need a Business Payroll Tax?

Some say it's a salve for the COVID-19 economic crisis. Others say it will further destroy the economy.

Jenny Durkan Really Hates The Amazon Tax

The Parks Are Closing, Keep Your Germ Group Inside

Ideas Roll in for Combating "Dangerous Crowding" on Seattle's Trails and Sidewalks

The mayor is still considering her options.

21 Photos of Empty City Streets

Downtown Seattle's shopping district on a sunny Sunday during the coronavirus crisis.

A Totally Empty Pike Place Market

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