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I Am Leaving The Stranger, Everybody!

#TBT: Rasmussen Says Trust Him on the Tunnel!

Seattle Tunnel Tops "Highway Boondoggles" List

A Man Died Falling from This Homeless Encampment

So Why Do Five Seattle Politicians Oppose a Bill That Would Make Encampments Safer?

Bike Traffic Triples Thanks to New Protected Bike Lane

RIP, Slogger Rhett Oracle

Why Won't the City Council Back Up Bike-Safety Plans with Adequate Funding?

Records Show a Major Bill Had All Financial Pledges Removed

Three Problems With SPD's "Neighborhood Safety Plans"

Another Cyclist Has Died—So Will the City Council Finally Fund Bike Safety Improvements?

For the Past Seven Years, the City Has Starved Money from the Bicycle Master Plan

Cyclist Killed on 2nd Avenue

SPD Expands Critical Investigation Into Police Misconduct

Harry Bailey Was a Horrible Police Chief

Behind-the-Scenes Photos of a Bunch of Marijuana Grows

Fifteen Photos of the Things You Need to Make a Pot Farm Run Right: Surveillance Equipment, Lighting, Fences, Monitoring Appliances, Ventilation, and Ladybugs—Yeah, Ladybugs

The Scandal Behind the Scandal of Seattle's Pot Tickets

Seattle's Pot Tickets: The Scandal Behind the Scandal

One officer wrote nearly 80 percent of the city's marijuana citations. Why was that fact hidden from Chief Kathleen O'Toole?

The Morning News: Israel, Gaza, Gaza, Israel

Former Seattle Mayor Paul Schell Has Died

Talking Intelligently in a Barn with Hay

Smoke Farm Symposium

Four Questions About the Garfield High School Rape Case

Two Shot Outside Bank in Central District

Twenty Palestinians Killed for Every One Israeli

Look Inside Three New Legal Pot Farms

Where Does Your Legal Weed Come From?

Inside Three Upstart Pot Farms: An Indoor Farm, an Outdoor Farm, and a Hybrid

The Feds’ Surprising Response to Exploding Hash-Oil Labs

Is the Federal Government Starting to Acknowledge That Legalization and Regulation Are Safer Than Busting People?

Why It's Worth Paying More Dough for Legal Dope

I Would Know: I Used to Lie About the Pot I Was Selling

Why It's Worth Paying More for Legal Pot

How Washington State Screwed Up Its Legal Pot System

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