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Four Days in Miami

The Big Show and Its Discontents

The Life of Art

Billy Name's Photographs of the Warhol Factory

In Arts News

You Are a Possession

A New Exhibition Space for a New City

The Sum of Small Things

Keith Tilford's Atomized Faces

The Thing in the Story

A. S. Byatt's Twisted Tales

Grasping at the Past

Remembrance of Things Cast Off

Disaster by Association

Lori Nix's Ominous Narratives

Be Cruel, Stay in School

Mean Girls Is Happily Uneven

The Artist, the Princess, the Wolf

Mandy Greer's Fairy Tale

Nearly Invisible

Photographs with the Hard-Won Weight of Painting

Nearly Invisible

Photographs with the Hard-Won Weight of Painting

Now You See Her

Old Works, New Words

City of Industry

Factory Landscapes and Romance

Manufactured World

The Natural Beauty of Inelegant Parts

All Kinds of Ants

What Gregory Blackstock's Autism Has to Do with His Art

Bloody Hell

A Curator Goes Too Far

Doing the Do

Black Hair Is in the House


It's Too Quiet at SAM

Hacked Up and Shit Out

Sam Trout's Angry Little Show

Not Easy

The Difficult Art of Doubt

Big Bronze Obstacle

Will We Be Stuck with the FAO Schwarz Bear?

Skin Deep at Starbucks

Virginia Postrel Mistakes Style for Meaning and Refuses to Judge the Consequences

Art to Come

Young Seattle Artists Show Their Stuff

Reason Produces Masterpieces

What Good Is Goya?

Busy, Bland

A Year's Worth of Regrettable Stranger Cover Art, From Repetitive Designs to Generic Abstraction

Helpless and Mute

What the hell happened to the pro-choice movement?

On Exhibit

Rocks, Blocks, and Eyelashes

Mass of Vapors

The puzzle of the sky

Double Game

Peter Carey’s Hoax within a Hoax

Big Drawers

Sometimes a Bookcase Is Just a Bookcase. Not Here.

Pretty Things

Beauty and Desire and (Sort of) Uncomplicated Pleasure

Blinded by Dazzle

Jason Puccinelli's Shallow World

Night of the Big Brains

At a reception for The Stranger's First Annual Genius Awards, an uncommonly well-dressed Seattle crowd ate, drank, licked an ice sculpture of a giant brain, and gave standing ovations to some very talented people.


33 Artists Digest the West Coast


Sic Transit BAM

Sideways Sliding World

Dan Webb’s Insomnia Machine

Celtic Bayou

Dreamy Little Suckers

Without Them, You're Nothing

Computer programmers get a lot out of being around artists. What do artists get?

Out of Frustration

The Priceless Works Gallery Springs Forth from Fremont

The Meaning of Clothes

A Thread Runs from Fashion to Art

Look and Listen

Ben Rubin Gives Shape to Sound

Love & Rigorousness

Thinking about comfort and being comforted are not the same thing


Thirteen Gets Teens Right

Conceptually Sound

Meg Shiffler has curated some of the coolest, weirdest, and best art shows in Seattle. Now she's moving on. We will miss her; you will, too.

State of the Art

The Abstract Oregon Biennial

Empty Nest

A Model Living Room

Je Suis Fatigue

The Possibility of Multiple Meanings

Hot in July

It's an Orange-Dot World

Out of Style

Fashion Is an Art. Discuss.
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