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The 32 Films You Must See at the Seattle International Film Festival 2018

The Stranger's Picks for SIFF, Which Runs from May 17–June 10

Evicted Over $49: What Happens When Seattle's Poorest Tenants Can't Make Rent

The city's public housing authority leaves little wiggle room for struggling residents.

Hey, Look! It's The Stranger's 2018 Pet Issue!

Starring some of the city's finest dogs, cats, snakes, parrots, and squirrels.

The Time I Caught a Garter Snake and Brought It Home

I found it at a cemetery near Aurora Avenue.

I Fell in Love with a Macaw

Behind a Starbucks on Mercer Island.

Meet the Winners of The Stranger's Ugly Pet Contest

Beauty is overrated.

Please Don't Tell the Authorities About My Pet Squirrel

An unlikely bond with something the cat dragged in.

Introducing Bear, a Seattle Police Dog That Can Sniff Out Porn

This black lab is one of SPD’s best tools for finding hidden thumb drives.

Dogs Are a "Man's Best Friend"? Yeah, Right

An unpopular opinion about dogs.

The Cats of Twice Sold Tales

Who are they? And what is that litter box all about?

I Bought a Dog That Doesn't Eat or Shit

My girlfriend wanted a dog. I got us a robot dog instead.

The Adventures of Felix the Cat, aka "the Mayor of Columbia City"

He's an escape artist, a bedroom intruder, and the talk of the town.

Where Do Pets Go When They Die?

Resting Waters in West Seattle offers a green alternative to pet cremation.

All I Wanted Was to Work in Tech. Be Careful What You Wish For.

Down and out in the disruption industry.

Olympia 2018 Recap: The Death Penalty Is Alive, Gun Control Is Dead

Everything You Need to Know About the Legislative Session

What It's Like to Live in a Space the Size of a Closet

Seattle has gotten so expensive that I recently moved into one of the tiniest apartments in the city.

Seven Places in Seattle to Go When You Feel Lonely But Don't Want to Interact with Anyone

Seattleites' natural fear of confrontation means it's likely no one will bother you here.

Gay Dodgeball Melts the Seattle Freeze

How to make new friends while pummeling them with large balls. Straight people are welcome, too.

New to Town? Need an Apartment? Looking to Make Friends? The Stranger Is Here to Help

The Stranger's guide to Seattle for people who have just arrived.

How Seattle City Hall Works (And How to Make It Work for You)

A primer on political power and how it works here.

Welcome to Seattle, New Person!

Here are some tips and my condolences.

So You're the Bad Boy Who Moved Here for Amazon

Go wild like it's recruitment week at the Computer Science school Amazon bought you from.

Renting in Seattle? Ask Me Anything

What your landlord won't tell you about living on a lease.

The Best Places to Take Day Hikes If You Live in Seattle

All of them are conveniently located off I-90.

You Can't Drink On Light Rail, but Here's Where You Can Drink Near Light Rail

The best bars near light rail stations.

Disgusted by Men? Date Women Instead.

Celebrate this Valentine's Day by becoming a lesbian.

A Playlist for the Brokenhearted

Why not spend your Valentine's Day wallowing in romantic agony?

Romancing the Stone-Cold Pregnant Woman

How to spend Valentine's Day with a person who's growing another person inside of them.

Staffing the Accused: Inside the Six-Month-Long Downfall of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Their boss allegedly committed sexual assault and abuse. He denied everything. They had to decide: Who do I believe? What do I do?

The Stranger's 2018 Valentine's Day Issue

The secret history of romantic customs, the ugliest outfits drag queens have had sex in, advice for romancing a pregnant woman, tips on not dating men, taste-testing weed chocolates, a playlist for the brokenhearted, and more!

The Secret History of Romantic Customs

Why we kiss, give flowers, write cards, and draw hearts.

The Craziest Outfits These Three Drag Queens Have Ever Had Sex In

Ugly looks that inspired sexy times.

Smoke a Bowl and Go for a Walk—You Will Be Amazed at the Treasures Seattle's Streets Present to You

It's my favorite way to get through the winter.

Good Idea: Weekend Road Trip to Canada. Bad Idea: Bringing Weed.

My girlfriend and I got busted by a drug-sniffing dog at the border.

The High List

Winter activities in Seattle that would be greatly enhanced by being stoned.

Why Don't Stoners Dream?

Do they not have dreams or do they just not remember them? Here's what scientists say.

Slopes Are for Suckers, Snowshoeing Is for Stoners

Getting high and snowshoeing is great. Just don't wander onto someone else's property.

High-Brr-Nation: A Guide to Surviving Seattle's Winter with Weed

Where to go and what to do to get through another dreary Seattle winter. (First step: inhale.)

We Regret These Errors: Mistakes The Stranger Made in 2017

Our annual cavalcade of blunders, typos, and errors in judgment.

Apologies in Advance

So you've sexually harassed someone...

Top 20 Podcasts of 2017

These podcasts rose above the rest.

If You're Trying to Buy Sex on the Internet in Seattle, You May Actually Be Chatting with a Bot

A local organization is using new technology to combat the world's oldest profession. What do sex workers say about it?

Big Tech Is Failing to Comply with Seattle's Law on Election Advertising Transparency

Why won't Facebook, Google, and Twitter disclose vital public information?

Top 20 Books of 2017

These writers rose above the clamor to engage, challenge, and delight us.

My Name Is Dave, I Collect Vinyl Records, and I Have a Problem

My record collection and I got priced out of my apartment.

Talking with Mayor Durkan About Sexual Harassment, Police Reform, and Seattle's Activist Left

The Stranger's Q&A with Jenny Durkan on her first full day of work.

I Had Never Touched a Gun Before the Las Vegas Massacre. Then I Bought One.

A liberal snowflake gets to know gun culture from the inside.

Community Radio in Seattle Fights Back Against Corporate Behemoths and Mainstream Christian Programming

How eight new low-power FM neighborhood radio stations got onto the air, and why you should listen.

Why Are People So Weird About Eating Bugs? We'll All Be Eating Them Soon

By 2050, grasshoppers, cockroaches, and ants will be part of Thanksgiving dinner.
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