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Pink Flamingos Is Unstreamable

A Big List of Unstreamable Movies

Turn off the internet and touch some tapes.

Northern Exposure Is Unstreamable

So are Hard Boiled and The Tall Guy!

Everybody Loves Beau Travail

Stranger Suggests: Rock Bottom Riser

Velvet Goldmine Is Unstreamable

Same with Plenty and Woops!

What You Should See at the 2022 Seattle International Film Festival

Here's a big-ass list that keeps getting bigger.

Why Composing a Film Program Is Like "Preparing a Feast"

SIFF Senior Programmer Hebe Tabachnik breaks down what goes into SIFF's Ibero-American Program.

Dynasty’s Journey from Gay Panic to Gay Pride

Keeping Alexei Navalny Alive Requires Keeping Him in Headlines, Says Navalny Director

The award-winning documentary opens the Seattle International Film Festival this week.

Sofia Coppola’s and Gregg Araki’s Missing TV Shows Are Basically Unstreamable

The Future Looks Bright for Washington Filmmakers

The Stranger chats with Seattle filmmaker Megan Griffiths about her new film, Washington state's surged-up film incentives, and Lynn Shelton.

Stranger Suggests at #SIFF2022: Petite Maman 👯

Stranger Suggests at #SIFF2022: Nothing Compares ✝️

The Political Economy of Urban Beauty

In Zia Mohajerjasbi's Know Your Place, the loss of beauty is at the heart of Seattle's gentrification.

Stranger Suggests at #SIFF2022: Fire of Love 🌋

Stranger Suggests at #SIFF2022: Finlandia 🐚

Murphy Brown Is Unstreamable

The Mystery of The Grand Illusion Is Finally Solved

Memoria Is All About Cinematic Vibes

Seattle has a rare chance to catch these vibes this April.

Shadow of the Vampire Is Unstreamable

Stranger Suggests: On a Very Special Episode

"Seattle Is Dying" Is the Sequel to Escape from New York

New England Is Fucked Up

That's one of the lessons in Master.

A "Dream Come True" for Washington's Film Industry

The state just increased its film incentive program by $11.5 million a year.

Hulu Revisits Seattle's "Pussy Sweatshop"

Pam & Tommy's final episode focuses on former Seattle pornographer Seth Warshavsky.

All Cats Are Aliens

It's true. The sci-fi horror movie The Cat explains why.

The Batman Is SoOOooO Moody

Bruce has an emo chip on his shoulder.

Alex Liu Wants to Talk About Sex, Baby

Finally, It's Showtime

It's been a long few years, but the next generation of Seattle drag is ready to bloom.

How the Show Soap Became the Most Controversial Sitcom in TV History

Soap pitted gays vs conservatives — and the gays won.

Studio 666 Is a Midlife Crisis Disguised as a Horror Movie

These Missing Movies Are Unstreamable

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