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7 Days in Entebbe: 106 Minutes of Bad Decisions

Tomb Raider: This Lara Croft Is Great! Her Movie Isn’t

Watching Loveless Ruined My Day

How Grand Illusion Became a Big Player in Seattle's Cinema Scene

The tiny University District movie house is going through a renaissance.

Love, Simon Is Fantastic—You Should See It Immediately

It's a movie based on one of those rare books that's just about perfect.

The Oscars Sucked Because Trump Is Winning

2018 Academy Awards Dare to Ask #OscarsSoWhat

BenDeLaCreme Pulls a Power Move on RuPaul

The Interesting Thing about the Bad Guy in Black Panther

And why he reminds me of the villains in another black film, Set It Off.

Red Sparrow Review: Black Widow > Red Sparrow

A spy flick that scratches all the wrong itches.

Black Panther Marks the Death of Afrocentricism

John Oliver and David Letterman Make TV Great Again

Thanks, John and Dave!

Game Night Review: It's Fine. Totally Fine.

Appreciate the little things, like comedies that aren't terrible.

Black Panther Review: Marvel’s Trillest Movie Yet

Wakanda forever!

The 1968 Film Memories of Underdevelopment Would Probably Make Marco Rubio Cry

It also shows why intellectuals are lousy revolutionaries.

Indie Web Series Gabby Smashes... Depicts an Alternative Portlandia

Spoiler alert: It's way less white.

The Brutal Grief of In the Fade

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