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Green Guide Spring 2020: The Interviews Issue

A doctor, a pot grower, a cannabis extractor, a weed shop, a policy advisor to the governor, and a stoner film festival talk about this very weird moment in time.

A Stoner Film Festival You Can Attend in Your Underwear

The producers of SPLIFF talk about how to stream this year's show, what to expect from this year's artists, and how to be funny onscreen.

Interview with a Pot Shop with a Line Out the Door

The Reef talks about the crowds, the crisis, and stocking up for the apocalypse.

Is It Okay to Smoke Weed Right Now?

An interview with Dr. Sunil Aggarwal about COVID-19, respiratory illness, and whether it's safe to consume cannabis.

Olympia Just Passed the Most Progressive Cannabis Law in the Country

Joy Hollingsworth on the state's new social equity law and how her family learned to grow pot.

How Did the State Decide That Pot Shops Are an "Essential Business"?

An interview with Governor Inslee's senior policy advisor for liquor and cannabis issues.

Cannabis Hand Sanitizer Is Now a Thing

The CEO of Heylo talks about turning the byproducts of cannabis extraction into terpene-scented sanitizer, the fallout from the vape scare, and her new favorite edibles.
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