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Kid-free? Too bad for you.

Being a Hipster Is So 2015. Also, You're Pricks.

I'm Leaving You, Seattle

Hey! You Dropped Some White People!

Your Bus Form Sucks, Seattle

Hey, Techies—Shit or Get Off the Goddamn Pot

How Can You Be a Fucking Litterbug in Seattle?

I Anonymous: I Will Miss Your Saxy Serenades

I, Anonymous: Hey, SPD, Stop Horsing Around

I, Anonymous: Your Smell Put Me Through Hell

I, Anonymous: Your Drone Is Now My Ashtray

I kept your drone because you're a dick.

I Anonymous: Not Even an Emoji?

I, Anonymous: Fuck You and Your Laptop

I, Anonymous: Hello, Good-bye

I, Anonymous: BRA? NAH!

I, Anonymous: I'm Sorry I Asked About Your Accent

I, Anonymous: Get It Straight

I, Anonymous: You Made My 5-Year-Old Cry

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