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Sleep Tight

Fuck the Golden Globes

Reince Priebus Is a Welfare Queen

Monday Morning News: Special Insomniac Edition

Boring Report

Boring Report

Required Viewing: Kristen Wiig's Eyes

Gaddafi Today

Message From Tokyo

Brief Chat With a Friend in Nagoya, Japan

Tsunami in Japan: Cars Floating Like Empty Bottles

Iranian Protesteres Keep On Keepin' On: Plus, a Joke

Christmas Day Has Always Been Here

Officewatch 2010™: Last Night and Christmas Eve

Deep Thoughts from a Window Above Interstate 5

Late-Night/Early-Morning Thoughts on "Jackass 3-D"

Mike Nipper Discovers Himself!

Find a Clue to What's Wrong with Lindy West's Head!

An Excerpt from a Single, Seven-Page Sentence...

The Spaceman Across the Street Still Haunts Me

Kangaroos Grow Up to be Nightmares

The Future of Our War(s)

Officewatch 2009™: Amber Alert

Officewatch 2009™: Darkness Sets on the Final Day

Officewatch 2009™: The Animals of The Stranger Office

Officewatch 2009™: The Animal

Officewatch 2009™: Day 1

Are We Happy?

The Morning News

Are You Watching the Fox News Coverage of Ted Kennedy's Death?

This Is Very Old, Right?

Did you see Orgy of Tolerance at On the Boards this weekend?

Your Evening Muppet

Is it just me...

Oh, Lord

Yeah, OK, But...

Midnight Bus Poetry

Midnight Bus Poetry

Midnight Bus Poetry

Midnight Bus Poetry

Midnight Bus Poetry

Midnight Bus Poetry

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