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Jamie Hook on Boogie Nights: America Fears Cock

Brand on the Run

Josie and the Pussycats' Gleeful, Awful Sellout

Revolutionary Poster Child

Kiosks Aren't the Answer

What Am I Doing?

"Memento": A Great Film and Philosophical Exercise

Virtual Existence

Obscured, Brilliant Art in Residents

Notes on Food

Love, Lust, and the Great Meal

Short Change

The Transcendental Short Cinema of Jay Rosenblatt

In the Mood for Du-Ke Feng

A Conversation With Wong Kar-wai's Cinematographer

A Trip to Benihana

In Search of Lost Time

Step into My Hot Rod

Christmas Shopping with the Razorbabes

Cut My Hair

Infuriate My Parents for Christmas

Obsession & Lights

True Story of Candy Cane Lane


Not Just for Reading Anymore

Love Made Visible, or, Why Rififi Is a Perfect Film

Le Pichet

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Canine Crimes

From Poop-Smearing to Undermining the Principles of the Socialized World

Drinkin', Druggin', Screwin'

The Stranger's Guide to Where to Do It


Vengeance is Good Publicity

Regression Therapy

Seattle Film Has an Identity Crisis


Seattle's Adolescent Arts

Blockbuster Building Blocks

Some Hollywood-Style Hits for Li'l Old Seattle

SIFF: Art in Bulk, as Fragrant as Spring Itself

In Praise of the Blackout

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