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One-Night Stand

Air Sign, Air Sign, Air Sign

Harm's Way

John Roderick headed up Western State Hurricanes, a local band that almost got famous. Then the Hurricanes imploded. Roderick fled Seattle and walked across Europe. Here's how a 33-year-old born-again nobody came back to make the best '90s album of 2000.

One-Night Stand

Come On Feel the Noise

Morose Music

Xiu Xiu, the Most Dramatic Band Ever

One-Night Stand

Genuinely Spooked

One-Night Stand

Swinging with Professional Hillbillies

Youth Rock

The Helio Sequence is Almost Famous

One-Night Stand

You Gave Me No Time at All

One-Night Stand

Bombast in Seattle, 2001

One-Night Stand

What Did You Just Say?

One-Night Stand

Squishy Things From Hell

One-Night Stand

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out

One-Night Stand

The Wallpaper of Satan and a Really Great Floor Design

One-Night Stand

I'm Drunk and Right Now I'm So in Love With You

One-Night Stand

Pop Goes the Rendezvous

One-Night Stand

I Was Bored Before I Met You

One-Night Stand

Attention Lady Stole the Show

One-Night Stand

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

One-Night Stand

I Want to See Blood

In a West Texas Dancehall

Johnny Dilks Yodels Through Time


Sound Formed in a Vacuum

One-Night Stand

I Want You to Want

One-Night Stand

This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco

One-Night Stand

Beat Poetry

All My Teardrops to Gold

Rex Hobart's Spectacular Sadness

Rock & Roll is Alive and Well

And Making Pizza on Capitol Hill

One-Night Stand

Virtual Virtuoso

One-Night Stand

Haunting and Elegant

One-Night Stand

20-Song Success

One-Night Stand

Watered-Down Is No Compliment

One-Night Stand

15 Minutes of Near-Essence

One-Night Stand

Political Inertia

Allan Steed's Little Boom Box

Clean Living

Mark Lanegan's Low, Coarse Rumble


The Piss and Regret of Arab Strap

Suckin' the Bone

Chicken Necks with a Friend

Mixed Signals

Drunk with Tim Kasher of Cursive

Light Sleepers

The Stranger Music Quarterly

Austin Rock Gods

Spoon Makes Music for Dancing

Flirting With Greatness

For Now, Kinski is a Little Fire

Santa's Crack

Our bittersweet music writers on the subculture of Christmas cheer. PLUS: Holiday Hits!

Dancing Queen

Musical Memories with Tonya Gerszewski

Music Quarterly: "Sea Blue"

"When we listen to the saddest songs we have ever heard, we die." We drop the tough-critic act and bare our souls, exposing deep, blue sorrow.

When She Backs Up She Beeps

A Parable for Creed, Quipping Band-Feuders, and Other Assorted Loudmouths
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