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Goodbye to All That

Or, Our Music Editor Gets All Mushy on Her Way Out

The Best Band Practice in Town!

Gettin' Tipsy with Strangercrombie Winners El Mombre

On Screen

This Week's New Releases

Steady Diet of Dementia

Ex Models Slim Down, Freak Out

High Minded

The Bats of Belfry's Upper Elevations

Hearts of Darkness

The Gris Gris and the Warlocks Maintain Mania

Live Wire

Drunk and Dazzled

Dungen and Dragons

Sweden's New Cult Kings Psych Out

The 19th Nervous Breakdown

Bret Easton Ellis Battles Demons, Drugs, and a Dead Father

Live Wire

Road Trip - "El" Pasco

Jennifer Maerz sends a postcard from Pasco, Washington, where she wrestles a Grizzly Bar and declines the "up all night" afterparty.

Live Wire

Into the Frying Pan

On Screen

This Week’s New Releases

Live Wire

Asleep at the Mic

Rock in Shining Armor

Diamond Nights’ 14-Karat Hooks

Live Wire

Take It from the Top

Summer Music Knockout

The Stranger goes three rounds with four local acts releasing records this week. Our ears are still ringing.

Weepin' Willowz

Don't Cry For Anaheim's Problem Child

Live Wire

Lost, Found, and Lost Again

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Motherly Love

SIFF Picks

For the Week of June 2–8

Siren Songs

The Emergency Keep It Urgent

Catch a Ride

Amusement Parks On Fire Surf Walls of Sound

Romantics at Art

Music Appreciation with Trail of Dead

Live Wire

Local Motion

Desert Storm

Queens of the Stone Age's New Lullaby

Live Wire

Naughty Bits and Big Hitters

Worn Out: The Stranger's Fashion Issue

What are you wearing? Where did you get it? What did it cost?

Psychedelic Circus

Jennifer Gentle's Rabbit Hole Dementia

Live Wire

Sleep Is for the Weak

Live Wire

Razrez It Is

Anti-Patriot Act

The HollowPoints Sound the Alarm

Live Wire

Turn on the Black Light

Banging the In-Laws

Rod Liddle's Stories Relish Bad Behavior

Mountain Man

Stephen McBean's Classic-Rock Patchworks

Live Wire

War and Jeans

My So-Called Band

Aqueduct Scores One for the Lovelorn

Rough Riders

RTX Kick Up Dust

Live Wire

Apology Calls

Live Wire

All Hail the 'Queen

Live Wire

Of Cults and Criminals

More NRA Than NPR

Rock Gods Death From Above 1979

Testing Temperatures

The Fever's White Heat vs. Moving Units' Sluggish Pulse

Live Wire

No Concrete Answers

Everyone Needs Some Devastation

The Blood Brothers Burn Again

Live Wire

Bang Yer Head on the Hiphop

Live Wire

Static & Wack Jackasses

Party Crasher

How Many Musicians Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Live Wire

More Like Princess...

Fericito vs. Saddam Hussein

Fred Armisen Is Always Kidding
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