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Nothing Gold Can Stay

A Requiem for Hooters

Album Reviews

Heavy Glory

Citay Make Great Music to Get High To

Clams Steamed in Sake

Album Reviews

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

The Program

What We Learn When Northwest Hiphop Comes Together in One Room

Old Soul, New Glory

Pop Music Is Youth-Obsessed. Or at Least It Used to Be.

Album Reviews

Cancer Rising

Things Afroman May Have Been Doing

Since He Released "Because I Got High" in 2001

Turn You On

J.J. Cale


Major Arcana

Effing the Ineffable: White Magic Summon Worlds

Album Reviews

Uh Oh, It's Magic

The Unlikely Inspirations for Sean Hayes's DIY Folk

People Talking and Talking

A Conversation with Dave Eggers and John Roderick

Album Reviews

Alter Ego, "Awesome," Operation Ivy, and More

The Cave Singers

Trees, Rocks, Rain, Fresh Air, Warm Water

Music Is Only Natural for the Cave Singers

Ghost in the Machine

A Dead Man, Buried Treasure, and the Ghost That Haunts Robert Lang Studio

Jazz/Not Jazz

At Earshot, It's Not an Important Distinction

Turn You On

The Pogues

Under the Influence

Dr. Dog Sound Like the Best Band Ever

Built to Spill

The National

Album Reviews

Fremont Oktoberfest

Everything's Explodin'

The Band That Launched 15,000 Balloons

Two Gallants

What We Talk About When We Talk About Reno

The Unlikely Hope in The Motel Life

Album Reviews

Album Reviews

There's More to Life Than Line Out

The Best Seattle Music Blogs You Might Not Know


Library Science

Splitting the Difference

The Avett Brothers Make Folk and Pop Get Along

In Through the Out Door

Five Teenagers from Port Angeles and the Future of Classic Rock

Being There

Wilco Woo the Audience at Marymoor Park

Come & Gone



Album Reviews

The Helio Sequence, Lifesavas, Truckasaurus

Coming Out of the Closet

Deadheads of Seattle Unite!

Capitol Hill Block Party

Femi Kuti

Howlin Rain, Citay, Whalebones, Bison


Realer Than Real

Battles Is Barely More Human Than Machine
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