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If We Lose Abortion, What's Next?

Here’s What Amazon Did to Get Rejected from This Year’s Pride March

Seattle Pride will now institute new minimum standards for Pride sponsors.

How the Show Soap Became the Most Controversial Sitcom in TV History

Soap pitted gays vs conservatives — and the gays won.

John Waters, Divine, and the Trinity of Trash

Taylor Mac Is the Boss, Applesauce

You can't miss the final performance of Mac's Holiday Sauce—tonight at The Moore.

A Hot Podcast with Real-Life Lesbian Lovers

Women's Soccer Is a Very Dykey Sport

Queer Bar's Pride Lineup Is Stacked

Jussie Smollett and the No Good, Very Bad Tale

Tumblr Bans Porn, Signs Its Death Certificate

If the Future Is Nonbinary, It's a Bleak One for Women

Throwing Shade Live at the Showbox Tonight

The Queers Who Changed Our Lives: The 2018 Queer Issue

Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Human Decency

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