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A Short Guide to Smørrebrød

And where you can find Scandinavia's prettiest pub fare.

Szechuanese Cuisine Is the World's Greatest Comfort Food

A few of my favorite places are in Lynnwood, Greenwood, and the International District.

Best Cocktail Happy Hours in Seattle

No Collusion, Just Russian-American Fusion... in a Lake City Cocktail Lounge

I know what you're thinking: A cocktail bar in Lake City? But Korochka Tavern is aces.

A Fish-and-Chips/Taco Fun House with a Secret Bar

The delicious lunacy of Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers.

Our Favorite Restaurants in Seattle to Take a Date, the Family, or Out-of-Town Guests

Black Bottle, Kau Kau, Pho Bac, and more. Reader's Choice winners included.

Seattle's Favorite Happy Hour Spots

Places you can nosh and imbibe for a bargain.

Il Corvo, Manu's Bodega, and More of The Stranger's Favorite Places to Get Lunch in Seattle

Where to get lunch at typical lunch prices. Reader's Choice winner included!

Seattle's Only Portuguese Restaurant Is Never Open, Except When It Is

The elusive and effusive Luso Food and Wine in Greenwood.

The Funeral Crashers of Seattle

A pair of uninvited party guests used to show up at Seattle events back in the day, steal slices of cake, and get into fights with each other.

The Best Places to Eat Sweets in Seattle

Our favorite places in Seattle to get ice cream, pastries, chocolates, doughnuts and more, from local staples to hidden gems to nationally recognized treasures.

Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Seattle

Tin Umbrella, Zeitgeist, Vivace, Makeda & Mingus, and Sureshot are just some of the places you can find excellent coffee and vibes amid Seattle's bounty.

A Distant Relative Died in 1940 and No One Ever Picked Up Her Remains—So I Did

Thousands of unclaimed cremains are just sitting there at Oregon State Hospital. Are you related to any of them?

Inside Seattle's Real-Life-Room-Escape Boom

An Encomium (E-N-C-O-M-I-U-M) to Spelling Bees

The Last Place No One Can Get Mad at You for Loving Words

Uncle Sam Wants Me?

How I Learned to Start Worrying & Fear the Draft

Power Lust

Secretary's Delicious Domination

Queen Anne Thriftway Kiosk

Flying Fish and Revolving Chefs

Innocence Lost

The Spaying of Scooby Doo

It's a Cynical Life

How the French Stole Christmas
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