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Why Does Becoming a Mom Mean Potentially Losing Your Job?

Washington State's Failure to Mandate Paid Parental Leave Hurts Gender Equity, Parents, and Kids

How Do You Dance About Technology and Fascism?

Choreographers Kate Wallich and Alice Gosti Discuss Ambitious New Shows

Controversial, Mind-Blowing Choreographer William Forsythe Returns to Pacific Northwest Ballet

Even if You Never, Ever Go to the Ballet, You Should See This

Experimental Choreographer Tere O'Connor Embraces the Ambiguity

Clarity Is a Useful Fiction

An Interview with Choreographer Tere O’Connor

Escaping the Search for Meaning in Dance

Experimental Choreographer Tere O'Connor Embraces the Ambiguity

Duet Love's Bare Ass

When Nudity Works, It Really Works

Bowing Out: When and Why Ballet Dancers Retire

Sometimes They Want to Leave, Sometimes They Have a Responsibility to Leave

BeginAgain’s Trippy Illusions

Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey Incorporate Video into Dance Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Cool Jazz and Leather Harnesses at PNB's Director's Choice

Raw, Soul-Searching Ballet

Cool Jazz and Leather Harnesses at PNB's Director's Choice

Dancing About Life

Cyrus Khambatta's Literal but Exacting Choreography

Sleepy and Beautiful—Classical Story Ballet at PNB

Radiating Sex and Vulnerability at On the Boards

Blindfolds and Jockstraps at Next Fest NW

Dayna Hanson and "The Clay Duke" at On the Boards

Mass Movement

Crystal Pite's Bug Ballet and Jiri Kylian's Classical Comedy

Flapping in the Breeze

Cheerleading, Nudity, and Corporate Sponsorship

Velocity's Big Bang Performance Party

Grooving With Control—Twyla Tharp's World Premiere at PNB

Spin Cycle

The Whirling of Daniel Linehan

My Boyfriend Boils His Balls for Me

My Boyfriend Boils His Balls for Me

After birth control did scary things to my body, 
my boyfriend and I got desperate. Why aren’t there more birth-control options for men?

Dancing Boys at Can Can

Strictly Seattle—A Dance Critic Gets Back in the Studio

All the World's a Stage

The Whole House Was, Anyway—and the Front Yard

Love Is Dead

And Donald Byrd Performs the Autopsy

Speed Dating at the Seattle International Dance Festival

Dance, Party

Booze, Bands, and Bodies at the Seattle International Dance Festival

Floored by Zoe / Juniper's Latest Installation

The Full Monte

The Men in Tutus of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Look at Those Gams!

Zoe Scofield, Rainbow Fletcher, and Other Choreographers at Co-LAB 5

No Two Performances Will Be the Same

Ezra Dickinson’s New Piece About Mental Illness, His Mother, and the Streets of Seattle

Swan Lake Is So Goddamned Boring

So Why Do People Keep Flocking to See It?

Death, Death, and Basques

Three Killer Pieces from Trey McIntyre Dance Project

Dancers Melting In and Out of the Crowd

The Formalism and Freedom of Jason Ohlberg

Approaching Heaven

Four Modern Masterpieces at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Bodies Can Shine

KT Niehoff's New Dance Films Defy Winter

Cracking His Shell

Choreographer Jeremy Wade Becomes an Energy Fountain

The Lineup

Interviews with Choreographers, Artists, a Deputy Director, and a Video,

The Secret Bonds of Matrimony

Outlaw Marriages Proves That Successful Gay Marriages Have Been Around Forever

Apocalypse, Party of One

The Dog Stars Makes the End of the World Feel Personal
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