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Riding the Fader

How to Work with a Producer

CD Review Revue

Not-So-New Records with Production We Like

Forget the Producer

Learn to Record Yourself

Movie Review Revue

Producers Caught On Film

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Three Local Producers Take Their Bands to the Mat

Meet the Producers

Eight Local Studio Addicts Who Make Lots of Noise

The Producers

Dan Savage Gets His Say

Loud Motherfucker

Nipper Loves His Kearney Barton

Thanks, Bitch

Accepting the Warm 106.9 Challenge

Touch That Dial

Radio Shows We Like

Riding the Line

If You Hear It, Entercom Probably Owns It

Millions of Flying Insects

Internet and the Death of FM

Riding the Line

The Present and Future of Truckers' Radio

Allan Steed's Little Boom Box

Mmmmm... That's Good Radio

Getting on My

TV Without Pictures

Inside the Commercial Radio Festival

Armstrong's Revenge

Rock Music and the Birth of FM Radio

Behind a Glowing Television

Joel R. L. Phelps, "Warm Springs Night"

Que venga la noche

The Happy Sadness of Mariachi Music


Longing for Night

Tom Waits, "Franks Wild Years"

Lost in the Dark

Visiting Charlie Parker's Grave

One Hundred Shades of Blue

The New Year, "Newness Ends"

Highway Ambition

The Magnetic Fields, "Charm of the Highway Strip"


Four Nights, Four Songs

Fan Mail: An End to the Discussion

Aimee Mann, "Magnolia" SounDtrack

The Two Together Couldn't Ruin It

Joseph Arthur, "Come to Where I'm From"

Same Shade of Blue

Pinetop Seven, "Bringing Home the Last Great Strike"

What Remains

Jim Croce, "Time in a Bottle"

Among the Ghosts


The Past Takes It Back

Throwing Muses, "Hate My Way"


Grace, Relevance, and the Perfect Execution of Rock and Roll Revenge

Prank #6: Band vs. Fan Vengeance

Flipper Kidnap a Fan

Prank #4: Band vs. Audience Vengeance

The Entire Career of the Haters


Vengeance is Good Publicity

Prank #5: Intra-Band Vengeance

Vox Pop Defames Their Own

When She Backs Up She Beeps

A Parable for Creed, Quipping Band-Feuders, and Other Assorted Loudmouths

Prank #3: Fan vs. Band Vengeance

A Fan Takes over the Supreme Dicks
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