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Captain America Is Gay Now

Here's what inspired his creator, Josh Trujillo.

Take a Break and Play This Self-Quarantine Playlist

The Year in Review: Our Favorite Stories from 2017, Part I

The first set of story selections were published January through April of 2017.

Saloons, Adventuresses and More!

The Sixth Smoke Farm Symposium, July 26

Addendum to SL Letter of the Day

This Is So Fucking Cool

Wanna See Something Neat?

Fuck the Golden Globes

Economic Impact of SSM

My Brother He Is a Writer Two

To College Board, Gregoire Appoints Gregoire

Savage Embarassment

Why Is This on Your Seattle Blog? Troll Bait?

One-Armed Outfielders, Race and Paranoia

Goldy's Ex-Wife Runs for State Senate

Goodbye, Slog!!!

Help Dina Martina Buy a House...

Congratulations Are In Order

Aggghhhh!!! Teh Cuteness!!!

Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Fnarf

Re: Jews Not Christ-Killers

Here's to Dads

Willow Smith (Will Smith's kid) Has a Song...

Make (Up) No Small Apocryphal Statements

Night Light


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