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Bean Counting

Coffee Initiative Gains Momentum, Confuses Locals


Monorail supporters say they don't want to start campaigning until the monorail plan is finished in August. But if the monorail has any chance with voters in November, the monorail campaign has to start now.

Tension Rising

Fenix Liquor License Highlights Ongoing Battle in Pioneer Square

Forget the Producer

Learn to Record Yourself

Ads In the Sky

Monorail Counting on Advertising Dollars

Low Impact

Monorail Route and Environmental Impact Statement Released

Spy Game II

Former Student Reveals Pizza Hut Dance

The Race Is On

With Pulitzer Prize Just Weeks Away, Fred Hutch and Wall Street Journal Attack Seattle Times

Rave On

As Corporate Music Chains Flounder, Local Indie Stores Succeed


Local TV Stations Use Real Time Machine

Oh, the Possibilities

UW Students Reveal Monorail Station Designs

The Last Picture Show

Gold's Gym Bumps Broadway Market Cinemas

November Is Sooner Than You...

It's Time for the ETC to Get Serious

In the Wrong Hands

Violating Spirit of I-53, New Monorail Bill Gives Power Back to City Council

Sounding the Horn

Establishment Guy Joel Horn Is Good for the Monorail. And Vice Versa.

Gaining Speed

Monorail Plan Gains Support in Olympia

The Kinder, Gentler Sweatshop

Moral Fabric and Complex Economies


Forget Antitrust, Think Microsoft Xbox

Real Partnership

Hitachi, Moxi Digital, NEC, Philips Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, and TiVo Adopt RealNetworks' RealOne Player for Widespread Market Deployment in Consumer Electronics Devices

Cool Card

Starbucks Deals Customers Winning Hand

Farewell Schell Tour

Westlake Park

Rail Doubt

Uncovered Sound Transit Report Disqualifies Light Rail

Red, White, and Boeing

Former Seattle Company Goes Military with New Ad Campaign

Real Trouble

Anti-Trust Settlement Gives Microsoft Advantage Over RealNetworks in Digital Media Market

Covering Their Tracks

Sound Transit Kills Study That Warned of Light Rail Dangers Across Lake Washington

Redmond Red Alert

Microsoft Tightens Security, Confronts Status as Terrorist Target

Who's Next?

More Local Companies Consider Leaving Town

Afghanistan Teach-In

CliffsNotes From the Popular U.W. Lecture Series

All-Ages Ally

A Talk with Kate Becker

Boeing, Boeing, Gone

Local Economists Weigh In On Boeing Cuts

New York State of Mind

An Eyewitness Account of the WTC Attack

Space Wars

Poster Ban Favors Big Advertisers

Give it a Spin

Sonic Boom and Other Local Record Stores Team Up

Freeze! Hands on Your Head! Drop the Software!

Microsoft and Other Companies Step up Anti-Piracy Enforcement

Marked Up

Amazon Acknowledges Misleading its Customers

The Monorail is Coming

One Step Closer to What You Voted For

Auto Attack

Part 2: Advertising Company Makes Life Hell for Seattle Local

Paper Chase

Renton Tries to Reel in The Seattle Times

Little Green Apartment

Seattle Landlord Lights up Neighborhood with Mysterious Paint Color

Foreign Pitch

Aggressive Marketing Campaign Brings Japanese to Seattle

Profit and Loss

Vultures Circling

Riding the Line

If You Hear It, Entercom Probably Owns It

Radio Countdown

With One Week Left, Seattle Community Scrambles for Low-Power Station

Broadcast Bullies

Local TV Stations Seek Investigation of Big Network Power

Radio Waves

On Eve of Seattle Convention, Popular Hosts Critical of Public Radio

Microsoft Sell

Microsoft Gets a Free Ride and Free Advertising in The Seattle Times

Meet the Messengers

Former Employees Tell All

Channeling Cash

Local TV Stations Inflate Political Ad Prices

Spies for Hire

Corporate Espionage Conference Comes to Seattle

Who Turned out the Lights?

A Primer on Seattle's Energy Crisis
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