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The Queers Who Changed Our Lives: The 2018 Queer Issue

The Roommate Who Changed My Life

A crush, a gay-bashing, and an unexpected transformation.

What Happens After the Person You Married Tells You They're Transgender

I'm seeing Pride in a whole new way this year.

The First Gay Pop Song I Ever Heard

What I learned from the Magnetic Fields's "When My Boy Walks Down the Street."

How RuPaul Changed My Life

What I've learned from Ru, and what Ru has taught the world.

I Wish I Gave a Shit When John Waters Gave Me Poop

Instead, I just stared at his mustache. Oops.

How DJ Riz Rollins Changed Seattle

He also changed me personally—changed my perception of the world.

The Killer That Haunted My Adolescence

John Wayne Gacy was all over the news in my freshman year of high school. But worse was yet to come.

Queer Icon Audre Lorde Turned Trauma Into Art

It saved my life. It could save yours, too.

What It's Like Coming Out as Queer in a Traditional Chinese Family

My dad says he knew something was up with me when I cut my hair.

The Queers Who Changed Our Lives: The 2018 Queer Issue

Jinkx Monsoon on RuPaul, Dan Savage on John Wayne Gacy, Sophia Stephens on Audre Lorde, and more.

The Lesbian Couple Who Broke Up My Marriage

One of them was a coworker at one of the weirdest jobs I've ever had.

How a Radical Faerie Changed My Life

Agnes de Garron taught me how exhilarating it is not to be normal.

The Lesbian Who Taught Me What My Problem Was

I thought I hated my teacher. Turns out, I hated myself.
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