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The Kind of Painting That Stops You in Your Tracks

The story behind Hiba Jameel's award-winning painting of Saddam Hussein and Donald Trump.

SAM Puts Edward Curtis's Native Portraits Next to Work by Contemporary Native Artists

The resulting show, Double Exposure, is exhilarating.

What Looking at Landscapes Can Do to You

A review of Towards Impressionism: Landscape Painting from Corot to Monet at the Frye.

Please Don't Tell the Authorities About My Pet Squirrel

An unlikely bond with something the cat dragged in.

Puccini's Problematic Madame Butterfly

Maybe Shut Your Eyes and Forget the Words and Just Have the Music Wash Over You

That Golden, Inspiring, Exhausting Summer Feeling

William Blake wrote poems about summer, Denise Levertov wrote poems about summer, but whenever I try to write in the summer, I fall asleep.

The Melody in The Pearl Fishers Is So Brilliant

If You Have Trash Stuck in Your Head, Get Thee to Seattle Opera

Alice B. Toklas Lived in Seattle Before She Met Gertrude Stein

She lived on First Hill in the 1890s, and rumor has it she still haunts the neighborhood. Stein would not have achieved international literary fame without her.

Brian Wilson Returns to Benaroya Hall

Even Though He Can't Really Sing Well Anymore, It Was a Triumph

The Problem with Diva Worship

My Embarrassing Encounter with Stephanie Blythe, Star of Seattle Opera’s Semele

How to Survive Winter with Nothing but Your Own Mind

I Recommend Listening to Schubert and Taking Naps

Karen Russell, Adam Haslett, and Five Other Writers Each Review One Essay in Charles D'Ambrosio's Brilliant New Book

Charles D'Ambrosio's Dome-Blowingly Beautiful Essays

Loitering Is the Best Essay Collection of the Year, So The Stranger Asked Karen Russell, Adam Haslett, Rebecca Brown, and Four Others Writers to Each Review One Thing in It

The Fall Is Hard—Just Look at All the Art That's Been Made About It

This is the season of Frank Sinatra and Neil Young and Beat Happening and Herman Melville and Percy and Mary Shelley and Adam and Eve and you.

Angels in America Is Not the Story of AIDS in the 1980s

So Why Has It Become the Canonical One?

The Loves of His Life

Speight Jenkins Says Good-bye to Seattle Opera with The Tales of Hoffmann

The Wrongs of Spring

The Anguish, the Myth-Making, the Confusion, the Colors, the Dread

Bureaucrats and Gunmen

The Shattering Relevance of Seattle Opera's The Consul

Rigoletto, Lucretia, and Rape as Metaphor

Rape as Metaphor

Rigoletto at Seattle Opera and The Rape of Lucretia at St. Mark's

Before Flannery O'Connor Wrote, She Talked to God

A Writer's Prayer

Before Flannery O'Connor Wrote, She Talked to God

The Widow

What Happens to Everyone When the Person They Love Most Dies

The Daughter of the Regiment: All in the Family

The Things We Keep

Why Do Relics of the Dead Mean So Much to Us?

A&P: A Manifesto Against Irony

Shut Up

A Manifesto Against Irony

Ring Cycle Diary, Day Four

Ring Cycle Diary, Day Three

Ring Cycle Diary, Day One

The Lord of the Ring

J.R.R. Tolkien Denied The Lord of the Rings Was Inspired by Wagner's Operas, but I Find That Hard to Swallow

In Defense of Monsters

On Creatures Aghast, Afraid, Ashamed of Themselves, and Creepy to Everyone Else

Sleeping with Strangers

The Overnight Shift at a Homeless Shelter

My Hope for the Pope

A Super-Feminist, Gay, Lefty Catholic’s Cautious Optimism About Pope Francis

A&P Books: The Odd Girls of Paris

The Odd Girls of Paris

And by "Odd Girls," I Mean Lesbians—Gertrude Stein, Sylvia Beach, the Weirdos at Shakespeare and Company, Me...

The Opera, Elvis, and That Which Changes Everything

In art, as in life, love doesn't pay the bills.
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