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Rock-and-Roll Survival Guide

A Bunch of Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know (and a Few Things You Didn’t Want to Know) About How the Music Industry Works

Radio Killed Your Demo

Because You Sent It in Wrong

How I Survived Not Making Any Money in the Music Industry

Looking Back with Horror at 20 Years of Crummy Side Jobs

How to Be Successful Without Being an Asshole

Advice from Grammy Award–Winning Non-Asshole Ishmael Butler

The Anatomy of Booking a Show

Talent Buyers and Promoters Are the Professional Gamblers of the Music Business

Console Counsel from One of Seattle’s Top Producers

Erik Blood on How to Record Your Damn Music

Space Invasion

Barging in on Three Musicians in Their Practice Spaces

Get (By) in the Van

How to Tour Without Killing Yourself and/or a Member of Your Band
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