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Hello to All That

Revisiting Joan Didion's Essay, “Goodbye to All That,” as I Leave Seattle for New York

The Time I Caught a Garter Snake and Brought It Home

I found it at a cemetery near Aurora Avenue.

My First Time Proposing and Being Proposed To

It Was Also My First Time Doing Poppers

Happy Hours for People Who Are a Little Old Man on the Inside

Three of My Favorite Seattle Dives

Queer Issue: My Girlfriend and I Just Visited North Carolina, and We Did Not Get Beat Up

We even got to go to the bathroom. And then we took topless photos outside Governor Pat McCrory's mansion.

Moonlight Cafe's Vegetarian Sesame "Beef" Has a Magnetic Pull on Me

I've Been Eating It for a Decade, and I'm Still Not Sick of It

Inside the Publix Hotel, a Former Single-Room-Occupancy Building in the International District That's Reopening Soon

A few years ago, I got a tour of the inside, and I'll never forget it.

Burgermaster on Aurora Is Less Than a Block Away from a Recreational Pot Store

And Their Fries and Onion Rings Are Literally Called "Munchies"

My Whole Life I've Been Asked If I'm a Girl or a Boy

As a Child I Identified as a Pirate Captain—That's All I Can Tell You

The City Was Taking a Deep Breath Before It Screamed for 20 Years

A List of Things That Didn't Kill Me: Author Jason Schmidt on Seattle's Transformations

Saturday, May 2, Is Independent Bookstore Day

Literature Deserves the Same Kind of Party Record Stores Get

Why I Gave Up Booze in Favor of Weed

It Helps with My Anxiety, It Doesn't Give Me Hangovers, and Are You Aware of What It Does to Sex?

The Crazy Things That Happen Inside Orient Express

My Long History with the Magical Railcar Restaurant and Bar

Chow Bio

Meet Colonel Custard at Mae James Coffee

Chow Bio

The Craziest Thing at Cafe Barjot

How I Supported Myself While Getting a Graduate Degree in Poetry

Yeah, Getting an MFA Is Expensive and Impractical, but the Hilarious Side Jobs Alone Made the Whole Thing Worth It

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Beloved Cassis, Now at the Beach

Tamara Murphy Loves Corn Dogs

The Surprising Way the Chef Got Her Start and More

Chow Bio

Squirrel Party at the Cozy Nut Tavern

Chow Bio

Porn Etymology at Miyabi 45th

Seattle Pops' Popsicles Will Haunt Your Dreams

Chow Bio

Just Desserts at Seattle Pops

A Brand-New Beer Bar from Two Boeing Engineers

Chow Bio

Drinking Local at the Ballard Beer Company

Remember the Gravity Bar on Broadway?

Chow Bio

Seattle Juice History at HummingBird

Chow Bio

A Bar with a Backstory at Brunswick & Hunt

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Seattle's Best Caffeine Pedalers

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Gangnam Style at BRGR Bar

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Welcome to the Thunder Dome at Meeples Games

Adorable Caffe Delia in White Center Gets Its Own Digs

Out of the Pizza Place

Caffe Delia in White Center Gets Its Own Digs

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Tall Tales at Polar Cafe

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Gin Cider and Sea Chanteys at Admiral Bird

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The Thunderbird Tavern's Secret Sauce

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Watercress Vietnamese Is Half Bistro, Half Pool Hall

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Magic Between Two Latkes at Napkin Friends

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Jump a Motorcycle over a Shark at the Fuse Box

Shawn O'Donnell's Puts Some Irish in the Smith Tower

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Bedazzled with Chocolate at Ascona

Chow Bio

Getting Fried at Street Hawk
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