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A Man with a Gun Couldn't Stop This Muralist from Finishing Her Work

"But in the future, I'm not going to lie, I do want a bulletproof vest now," she said.

Nine Marchers Arrested After Shutting Down I-5

Dear Mom, I've Joined a Guerilla Bike Collective

Cops Clear Cal Anderson Shelterhouse Again

Preserving Anti-Racist Street Art

What Will Happen to CHOP's Art and Garden?

Time to wade through the Seattle Process and find out.

An Interview with Mayor Teargas

Seattle's papier-m√Ęché mayor is booked and busy.

CHOP's "Black Lives Matter" Mural Gets an Unwanted Layer of Sealant

"I personally apologize if I offended anybody, if they felt like I disrespected them as artists," said the rogue sealer.

City Council Condemns the Killing of Summer Taylor on I-5

Slog AM: CHOP Cleared After Mayor's Executive Order

City of Seattle Exploits Shootings to Crack Down on CHOP

The Bathrooms at Cal Anderson Park Look Sick

Raising the Fist at Cal Anderson

Working the Night Shift at CHOP

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