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A Man with a Gun Couldn't Stop This Muralist from Finishing Her Work

"But in the future, I'm not going to lie, I do want a bulletproof vest now," she said.

Nine Marchers Arrested After Shutting Down I-5

Dear Mom, I've Joined a Guerilla Bike Collective

Cops Clear Cal Anderson Shelterhouse Again

Preserving Anti-Racist Street Art

What Will Happen to CHOP's Art and Garden?

Time to wade through the Seattle Process and find out.

An Interview with Mayor Teargas

Seattle's papier-m√Ęché mayor is booked and busy.

CHOP's "Black Lives Matter" Mural Gets an Unwanted Layer of Sealant

"I personally apologize if I offended anybody, if they felt like I disrespected them as artists," said the rogue sealer.

City Council Condemns the Killing of Summer Taylor on I-5

Slog AM: CHOP Cleared After Mayor's Executive Order

City of Seattle Exploits Shootings to Crack Down on CHOP

The Bathrooms at Cal Anderson Park Look Sick

Raising the Fist at Cal Anderson

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