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Diary of a Hole

Hole or no hole, dick or no dick, it's time for us all to agree that it sucks to reduce people down to their junk.

Laughter! Blood! Burlesque!

Revry's new documentary series Submission Possible pulls back the curtain on kink and burlesque in Seattle.

Naked Selfies Beware

Lurid Digs is returning to critique your n00dz.

This Valentines Day, Make Your Own Non-Toxic Lube

Do Straight Women Belong on Gay Dating Apps? (No.)

Was 2019 the Year of the Horny SpongeBob Lyric?

The Case Against "Cunt-struck"

Do You Hate Sex? Try This Lube!

Is it our fault the sex toy industry thinks this low of us?

Anti-Porn Crusader Starts Cannabis Church

Male Birth Control Is Coming

I Guess Twitter Is the New Tumblr, Baby!

Tumblr Is Dead

The internet could be next.

Tumblr Bans Porn, Signs Its Death Certificate

Everything Gives You Cancer

The Downside of PrEP: Syphilis Rates Are Up

Bisexual Men Find Ben Carson Sexier than Gay Men Do

Let’s Fuck

98 Sexy Songs About Sex

We Need to Clear Up Some Misconceptions About Big Hole Energy

Diving Deeper Into the Data About Monogamy

The Sexiest Barges* in Puget Sound

This Spring, Please, Try Not to Jerk Off in Public

The Southern White House: Passing It On

The Pee Tape Is Real*

Feds Shutter Backpage; Sex Workers Left in the Dark

Last week the FBI shut down Backpage. We talked to a sex worker on what that means for her.

Not a Good Week For Personal Essays About Dating

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