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Plants Grow More When You Speak Sweetly to Them

Sticker Patrol: Crocs, Smiley Faces, Organicism

Grandma Is Number One

Sticker Patrol: Anger, Chili, Malt Liquor, Snorkeling

Let's All Play Lotería

Sticker Patrol: Last of the Decade

Call Your Mom If You Can

Sticker Patrol: God Hates Bags, Concrete, Snitches

It's So Dreary Outside, Which Is a Reminder That "Life Is Sh*t"

Sticker Patrol: Blood and Urine, Narwhal, DTFM

Oldies but Goodies

Sticker Patrol: Summer Leftovers That I Haven't Posted Yet

I Can't Stop Thinking About "Smooth" by Santana Feat. Rob Thomas

Sticker Patrol: 2020, Cucchella, Rejecting Prisons

You Truly Do Not Need That Canada Goose Jacket

Sticker Patrol: There's a vulva and uncircumcised penis in this post. Also yoda.

Bezos Wanted It All

Sticker Patrol: Baphomet, Buoyancy, Cumming

All the Cool Baby Boomers Are Already Dead

Sticker Patrol: Amazon Ballots, Nihilism, Getting Out

Calling All Basic B*tches

Sticker Patrol: AWS, Blue Balls, Face

Just Me, Myself, and My Triggers

Sticker Patrol: The Misfortune of Others, Forgetting, Traitorous Racists

Clifford the Big Red Dog Is a Lyricist

Sticker Patrol: Ponyboy, Wanda Sykes, Roy Orbison

Dalí Dreamscapes Above Some Trash on Olive

Sticker Patrol: Cat Nudes, Ferries, Fear & Loathing

A Bad Case of the Meat Sweats

Sticker Patrol: Sorry, There Are Two Dick Stickers in This Post, NO, Telepathy

Kurt Cobain Probably Wouldn't Have Burned Down Condos

Sticker Patrol: Chubby Ghost, Clown Thiddies, Your Body

About to Worship This Pre-Christian Cum Deity, BRB

Sticker Patrol: 420 Slut, These Old Bones, Skepta

Vulcan Salute Me Anytime, Baby!

Sticker Patrol: Poop & Bezos, Kegs, Condos

Wish You Were Queer :)

Sticker Patrol: Old Stickies, Blinking and Driving, Pepinos

Don't Give Ur Dogs Beer, U Dummies

Sticker Patrol: Meeting Someone Else, A Skull, Boobies That Tootie

This Cop Loves Leather

Sticker Patrol: Masochistic Pigs, Planet Dogs, Trainspotting bb

Are These Tits Yours?

Sticker Patrol: Lost Birds, Tech Bros, Thiddies

The "Replace Shitty Council" Sticker Didn't Work

Sticker Patrol: Ur Dad's Money, a Stoner, and That Solo Kid!

Spotted: A Femme

Sticker Patrol: Femmes, Commies, Send Noodz

Who Is Ruby the Baboon?

Sticker Patrol: No (C)ops, Ruby, Everybody Say "Trans Liberation"

Sticker Patrol: Cults, Drugs, and God

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