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I Went Looking for the Metaverse and Wound up Punching Myself in the Face

Seattle developer BigBox VR wants to let you fly. Is this the metaverse?

Twitter Shuts Down Sexy Gay Art Project

RIP Lurid Digs, again.

Microsoft's AI Mudede Versus the Real Mudede

The Future as Read by Amazon's New Palm Reader

Amazon Just Cut Off Warehouse Workers from a Companywide Directory

Without access to the directory, workers are siloed from the rest of the company.

Furries Are Hacking VR Sex

Andy Jassy to Replace Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO

Trees Are Finally Going to Space

The Pope Fears Robots Will Turn Against Their Makers

Seattle's Fight for "Internet for All" Is Reignited, Sorta

Who Should Scan Our Faces at the Airport?

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