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The Strife That Inspired Nina Simone

Four Women at Seattle Rep is a call to action, and it's set in a bombed-out church.

What Happens After We Burn It All Down?

An immersive production of The Arsonists asks the activist's burning question.

Go See The Diary of Anne Frank, Even Though You Know How It Ends

Joketellers Union Is Transformative

Deep thoughts about a comedy night on Beacon Hill.

I Felt a New Feeling at WET's Feathers and Teeth

Invisible Women

Life is not about being alive; it's about being recognized by all others.

Cats the Movie Might Not Be a Total Catastrophe

Jennifer Hudson is cast as a creepy little cat but damn she can sing.

Found: Big, Beautiful Street Beets

A Solo Dance Piece Made of Movements from 371 Different People Around the World

Mark Haim's Parts to a Sum is a joyous, humorous experiment in interconnectivity.

Go See Romeo + Juliet at ACT Before It's Too Late

Romeo + Juliet, Revitalized and with New Jokes

ACT updates Shakespeare's loveliest tale of woe and even adds some chain-link-fence choreography.

The 5th Avenue Theatre Just Announced Their 2019/2020 Season

An Andrew Lloyd Webber Favorite, Two New Musicals, and More

Forget What You've Heard About Sex Work

A night of film, poetry, and dance where sex workers will speak for themselves.

An Opera About the Last Hero of Capitalism

Steve Jobs is the perfect subject for opera.

Degenerate Art Ensemble Turns Trauma into Beauty

"I have to confront my demons," says Skeleton Flowers cocreator Haruko Crow Nishimura.

We Need to Talk About the "Live" Production of Rent on Fox

A Funny Thing Happened at the Opera

Three Dance Pieces About an Increasingly Rare Thing

Whim W'Him explores getting along with each other in this hell world.

Who Knew Anarchists Could Be So Funny?

Isabella Rossellini Is Bringing a Really Cool Dog to Seattle

The movie star, model, and Green Porno creator has a new live show about animals.

Seattle's Best Performances of 2018

Randy Ford! Carmen Best! Timothy McCuen Piggee! Stormy Daniels!

Jingle All the Gay's New Cast Fucking Sleighs

The "next chapter" of Homo for the Holidays is the tits.

Justin Vernon Is a Midwestern Hero

Bon Iver's new boundary-breaking collaboration with TU Dance is gorgeous and coming to Seattle for two nights.

John Waters's Advice to Antifa: Get Sexier

We interviewed the queer daddy of filth about Melania Trump, Black Friday, and Christmas-themed porn.

Stormy Daniels Is a Patriot

Cole Escola Answers Questions About Jocks, Fags, and the State of the World

He's coming to Seattle with his solo show Help! I'm Stuck!

Oh My God, Come From Away Is Unbelievably Good

Yes, it's better than Hamilton. Yes, my friends back me up on this.

AFTER Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen Onstage

Mostly because you can't see a lot of it.

Come From Away Is Amazing. Did You Know It Has Seattle Roots?

The hit musical returns home to a larger stage.
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