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Meet Washington State's New Transit Master

The Senate's transportation chair weighs in on self-driving cars, lidding I-5, and building high-speed rail to Canada.

My Shitpost Worked?!?!

Treat Cars Like Cigs

What would an honest car commercial look like?

On the Bus with Tammy Morales

Councilmember Morales’s commute informs her transit proposals.

Seattle Finally Has a Big City

The John Lewis Memorial Bridge Is a Godsend

Now That Northgate's Open, Here's What Opens Next

Visiting Vancouver B.C. During the Pandemic

Here’s What Happens When You Ride Spin’s New Singing Scooters

The scooters love bike lanes. They produce a happy “cha-ching” sound every few seconds if you're riding in one.

Why Are We So Scared of Scooters?

The Dub of Link

Tonight, the big windows of the new Link trains meet Sean Lennon's dubby remix.

The Gita Robot Might Save Seattle's Unloved Sidewalks

The Seattle Streets We Really Hate

A Review of Seattle's New Light Rail Trains

Boeing Should Sell Its Renton and Everett Plants to China

This Is Why We Told You to Vote for David Hackney

Driving in Seattle Should Be Like There's a Blizzard Happening Every Day

Streets should be for people, and if a car needs to get anywhere, it should have to wait until people get where they’re going first.

The War on Cars Enters Its 135th Year

Pedersen Proposes Funding for Bridges with No Plan

New Report Shows Dozens of Seattle Bridges in "Concerning" Condition

Make sure you wear a flotation device.

Scooters Are Coming to Seattle "Soon"

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