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Inside the New Nordic Museum Is an Art Show You Shouldn't Miss

Your Norwegian grandma might not like it, but you will.

Seattle Art Fair Announces Its Exhibitors for the 2018 Fair

Demian DinéYazhi' Mines a Toxic History

The queer, indigenous artist's exhibition at the Henry addresses uranium mines, gender, and ceremony.

Pete Souza Reminisces About “What We Had”

The presidential photographer on the visual and political legacy of the Obama administration.

Seeing the Seattle Erotic Art Festival Just Became a Political Act

The festival opens just as the Feds are shutting down erotic services websites.

The Best—and Worst—Art for Dogs

No one knows more about outdoor sculptures in Seattle than I do.

Look—More Proof That Olympic Sculpture Park Is Great!

An Art Show That's Like Those Special Sunglasses, Revealing the World As It Really Is

Collapse looks at globalization as a continuous environmental catastrophe.

The Three Painters at Seattle Art Museum Challenge the History of Art

Figuring History is a show about righting the wrongs of erasure.

"I Want to Live in a World That Loves Women, Not Simply a Society That Doesn't Rape"

Artist C. Davida Ingram is coming up with new frameworks for making images of black people.

Artist Zohra Opoku Examines Identity and Belonging Through Fabric

"When I see someone who's fully veiled, I'm always thinking about what's underneath."

Graffito of the Year (So Far)

Artist Matt Browning Is Making Moving Work with Metals

A review of Moving-Metal at the art venue Veronica.

Interstitial's Mind at Large VR Installation Is Mind-blowing

Redoing Futurama at the Center for Architecture & Design

When you think of Futurama, don't imagine quirky robots, but traffic jams

In One Gray Hair, Alison Marks Explores the Tensions Between Tradition and Innovation

The contemporary Tlingit artist reaches all the way to space in her first solo exhibition.

With Tech Support, Seattle Artists Try Plugging In to Tech Wealth

The latest SOIL exhibit features works that appeal directly to the tech community—and that can be viewed and purchased online.

Dirk Staschke Makes Art About Death

Are these pieces at Winston Wachter sculptures or paintings? Is existence just totally meaningless?

Our Love of Plastics Has Become a Dirty Fetish

The art installation Motelscape ought to ignite a pornographic shame.

Andrew Wyeth’s Secret Selves

A retrospective at SAM reveals things about the major American painter you may not know.

Witches, Magic, and the Occult Come to Pioneer Square

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