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Larger Than Life Ceramic Wonders at Reflect and Gather

mario lemafa's Got Skin in the Game

White Center Keeps Getting Gayer

The Top 14 Things to See at the May 2019 Capitol Hill Art Walk

Kaleidoscope-Inspired Art, Avant-Garde German Comics, Mammals from Washington, and Other Critics' Picks for May 9 and Beyond

A "Poetic" Documentary About the Artist Fernando Botero

By "poetic," I'm guessing they mean it has a hazy sense of time, fact, and objectivity.

This Child Made a Portrait Using a Drag Queen's Teeth

The Top 13 Pioneer Square Art Shows to Check Out in May 2019

The Best Shows of The First Thursday Art Walk on May 2 and Beyond

Drinking, Weird Sex, Witches, and Owls

Simon Hanselmann's beloved and fucked-up comics come to life at Bellevue Arts Museum.

Rihanna Asks for Wi-Fi Passwords Just Like You and I Do

✨Women.Weed.Wifi. tells us their favorite things from Sanctuary of the Modern Divine Feminine

Come Get Your Honey, Baby

Preston Singletary Is a Master Glass Artist with the Best Name in Seattle

Many of the Tlingit artist's pieces don't even look like glass.

Mount Analogue Will Close Up Shop in June

There's Hidden Art at the Capitol Hill Trader Joe's

It's of Seattle's favorite Cucci!

How Should Artists Decorate Our Cage for Children?

A Sexy Big Light Show

Damn, I Wish Jeff Koons Was Retiring

The Inky Black Depths of a Dark Room

Artist Mary Coss Explores the Future of a Planet in Peril

What will the Pacific Northwest look like when salt overtakes us all?

Can the Internet Ruin the Porpoise of a Painting?

Painting with Porpoise

Immortalizing Clutter at The Factory

The Top 11 Things To See at the March 2019 Capitol Hill Art Walk

Sculptures of Precious Junk, Joyful Spring Art, Sad Surreal Ladies, and Other Critics' Picks

Taiji Miyasaka's Sculptures Look Like Planets

Taiji Miyasaka explores light and space in three spheres currently orbiting at MadArt.

The Top 15 Pioneer Square Art Shows to Check Out in March 2019

The Best Shows of The First Thursday Art Walk on March 7 and Beyond

Confusing Conceptual Art at Glassbox Gallery

New Beginnings for Bridge Productions

Jeffrey Gibson's Like a Hammer Strikes Today

Paintings So Colorful You Wish They Would Stain You Forever

Don't miss Nikita Ares's solo show, Sugar Babies Only.

Using Colored Pencils to Transcend the Digital

Gretchen Frances Bennett's drawings of YouTube and Instagram phenomena.

Endman Wants You to Watch Yourself

Oh Shit! Mariane Ibrahim Gallery Is Moving to Chicago!

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