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Dirk Staschke Makes Art About Death

Are these pieces at Winston Wachter sculptures or paintings? Is existence just totally meaningless?

Our Love of Plastics Has Become a Dirty Fetish

The art installation Motelscape ought to ignite a pornographic shame.

Andrew Wyeth’s Secret Selves

A retrospective at SAM reveals things about the major American painter you may not know.

Witches, Magic, and the Occult Come to Pioneer Square

The Indigenous Family That Found Refuge in an Old Seattle Gay Bar

Multidisciplinary artist Storme Webber weaves a history of queer outsiders in underground Seattle.

The Genius and Generosity of Jim Henson's Work

I Walked into the Exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture and Started Crying

Meet the 2017 Betty Bowen Award Nominees

Experimental Artist Doris Totten Chase Gets Her First-Ever Retrospective

Henry Art Gallery Brings the Groundbreaking Work of This Video Artist and Sculptor Full Circle

Check Out These Photos from the Seattle Art Fair

BorderLands Crosses Boundaries at King Street Station

Inflatable Art Is About to "Blow Up"

I'm sorry, I had to make the pun. Please forgive me. Or don't, I won't blame you. How could I?
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