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Meet 2016 Stranger Genius Award Nominee Rob Rhee

Stop Lionizing Kehinde Wiley's Paintings. Stop Dismissing Them, Too.

The Harder You Look at A New Republic, the More There Is to See

Black Americans Came to Washington State from Around the Country to Help Build the Atomic Bomb

But They Had No Idea What They Were Working On

Anatomy of a Painting

Masami Teraoka's Tale of 1000 Condoms / Geisha and Skeleton

What Happened to This Gourd?

Robert Rhee Makes Surprisingly Amazing Art Out of Humanity’s Oldest Plants

Clyde Petersen's Florida Is a Show-er and a Grower

Why an Art Show in a Pioneer Square Stairwell Has Plenty to Say About Seattle

Meet the New Boss: You

James Coupe's Chilling, Tender General Intellect Brings the Microeconomy to Your Art Collection

Anatomy of a Painting

Seven Things I'd Like to Point Out About Samuel F.B. Morse's Painting Gallery of the Louvre


Veit Stratmann's Vibrant, Anxious Seattle Floor Just Wants to Move You

A Mother's Work

Shelly Leavens Investigates a Disconcerting First Year in Mother//Hood

Mary Anne Carter's Broadsides Do More Than Illustrate Poems

She Says She's Not a Poet, but Her Work Begs to Differ

How to Make a Kick Ass Painting

Artist Robert Hardgrave Shares the Recipe for His Dazzling Out of Sight Piece

The Seattle Art Fair Was So Successful, the City Literally Applauded

Who knew Paul Allen cared this much about art? He has emerged as Seattle art's mega-patron

The Real Seattle Art Fair Is Out of Sight

As International Art Dealers Flood the City, 100 Local Artists Grab the Mic

The River Reclaimed

One Hundred Artists Pay Tribute to Seattle's Essential Waterway in Duwamish Revealed

The Tree Is Just a Context

See Sculptor Dan Webb Reduce a Doug Fir to Sawdust Before Your Very Eyes in Break It Down

Big Screen, Big Scream

Chiho Aoshima's 64-Foot-Long Animation Transcends Japanese Neo-Pop

Willem de Rooij's Bouquet XI Is a Complicated Arrangement

In a Show Where Bouquets Are War Metaphors, Keep Your Eye on the Florist

Why Doesn't Seattle Know About Black Box Festival, the SIFF for Art People?

Now Playing: 70 Works, 8 Locations, 2 Insanely Ambitious Curators

Ripple Fang's "Extraordinary Ability"

Why a Chinese Artist Needs Fly-by-Night Galleries, Sketchy Lawyers, and Psychics to Stay in Seattle

Nightmarish Dreams and Trash Topiary

JD Banke and Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor's Squalid Art for a Squalid City

I Thought We Had Plans

Why Is There So Much Emotional Graffiti in Seattle Right Now?

Why Does Everyone Have to Have Their Own Four Walls?

A New Wave of Seattle Art Galleries Fights to Survive

The Little Bar That Actually Could: The Hideout Celebrates 10 Years of Being and Selling Art

Owner Greg Lundgren Looks Backward and Forward

Exclusive! Frank Gehry's Sketches for Seattle's New Facebook Headquarters

The Widespread Anonymous Hack of Frank Gehry's Personal E-mail Has Revealed Proposed Sketches and Notes in Gehry's Own Words

Why Should SAAM Give Mr.'s Japanese Neo-Pop a Free Ride?

A Basic Introduction to an Uninteresting Artist
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