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PSA: Don’t Buy Bullshit CBD

Why Wine Drinkers Could Switch to Weed

Particularly women wine drinkers.

Like Wine, Weed Changes with Age

Vintages of weed might be the future of cannabis.

California Cannabis in Crisis

The Golden State’s rollout for legal weed has already hit big problems

A Beginner's Guide to Not Buying Shitty Weed

Happy Dab Day: Why 7/10 is a Stoner Holiday

Can Cannabis Be Used to Treat Depression?

There are a lot of variables, but here’s what we know.

The Feds Declare Pot Is Medicine

This has never happened before.

The Canadian Cannabis Forecast

Looking at the numbers, and at Uruguay, the first country to legalize weed.

A CBD-Based Treatment for Epilepsy Won FDA Approval

Famous Queers Share Their Favorite Weed Strains

Getting baked with James Baldwin, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, and Gertrude Stein.

The Stranger's Guide for First Time Pot Buyers in Seattle

Don't be intimidated: Buying pot in Seattle is safe, easy, and totally legal

The Portable Summer Stoner

Two cool tools for going out and about.

Cannabis Commerce to Commence in Canada

Got Cannabis Q’s? We’ve Got Cannabis A’s

Let’s dip into the reader mailbag!

Cancer Doctors: Prescribe Weed, Please

Let Farmers Sell Their Own Pot

Under current law, they're not allowed to—and it's killing small businesses.

Bill de Blasio to NYC Cops: Stop Arresting for Pot

Bainbridge Cafe Ordered to Stop Selling CBD Lattes

ICE Can and Will Use Cannabis Against You

Unfortunately, noncitizens should probably stay away from cannabis altogether.

Why Is YouTube Cracking Down on Cannabis Videos?

In which we relearn that giant mega-corporations are not our friends.

Talking Weed Laws with Crispin Blunt

The British want to know how it's done here.

Drug Testing for Weed Seems to Be Losing Favor

Is Washington, DC, Finally Coming Around on Weed?

Here’s what’s been going down in our nation’s capital.

Can Cannabis Make You Sick?

A syndrome called CHS is making some users not feel well.

You Can Now Consume Coffee and Pot in Literally the Same Sip

Caffeine and THC are two great drugs that taste great together.

The Leafly Guide to Cannabis Is Dope

A pot primer worth recommending.

Where Are You Buying Your Pot, Seattle?

The Histories of Cannabis and Race Are Intertwined

How imperialism almost erased the history of our favorite plant.

A Cannabis Cinema Crash Course

Forget the dopey comedies—feed your stoned brain with these nutzoid films.

Tips to Take the Edge Off When You’re Too High

“Don’t Be Concerned. It Will Not Harm You.”

46 Weed Events for 4/20 2018 in Seattle

Pot Shop Parties, Stoner Movies, Weed-Friendly Concerts, and More Events for April 20–22, 2018

The Stranger's Spring 2018 Green Guide Is Out Now!

Mixing Alcohol and Edibles Is Not the Smartest Idea

John Boehner Gets into the Legal Weed Business

Pot Can Help Your Pets Too

Weed may be a way to treat epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pain, and arthritis in animals.

The Latest Buzz Around CBD

Everyone’s Favorite Cannabinoid Continues to Make the News
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