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Outdoor-Grown Weed Is Not Only Better for the Environment, It's Also Dank AF

Why does it get such a bad rap in Seattle's pot shops?

Valentine's Day Is a Made Up Corporate Holiday, but at Least We Have Weed Chocolates

Taste-testing chocolates sold in Seattle pot stores.

AG Bob Ferguson Takes on Jeff Sessions in Newsweek

Feds to End Rules Protecting States with Legal Weed

I Regret Not Smoking More Weed

What The Stranger's weed columnist's regrets about 2017.

A Friday Night with Weed Lube, a Dominatrix, and a Bunch of Horny Plants

Can cannabis enhance sexual pleasure for women? How?

The Future of Growing Weed at Home Remains Unclear

To Boldly Go Where Pot Products Have Not Gone Before

Legal weed can't cross state lines, so how are some Seattle brands for sale in other states and even other countries?

Five Strains of Pot for Sale in Seattle That You Should Try Right Now

Whether you're looking for flower that's energizing, relaxing, or something more unusual, The Stranger's pot columnist has a recommendation for you.

Green Guide Crossword Answers


Chowing Down on New, Strange, Delicious, and Dank Cannabis Edibles

Taste-testing six weed foods you probably haven't tried yet.

Why Are Farming Counties in Eastern Washington Shutting Down Pot Farms?

In parts of this state, pesticide poisoning is par for the course, but the smell of a pot farm? That crosses the line.

Have a Super High Tolerance? Here's How to Get More Bang for Your Bong

The search for a high that will actually get me high.

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Next Year Will Be Huge for Legal Weed

Even Trump can't stop the move toward legalization now.
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