Let's Fight About Those Fancy New Movie Theater Seats

We argue, you decide!



:) damn. Funny stuff.


Big new comfy seats rule but the ones at the local massive megaplex recline so far they block the aisle—kind of a weird oversight for a business built around selling 300oz sodas.

Thank God there's an Alamo Drafthouse in my neighborhood. Comfy seats, big aisles, and everyone shutting the fuck up; it's the best of all worlds.


“Goldilocks has reminded us for well over a century, there is such a thing as feeling too good.“

I want a new debate. Someone want to explain this to me? I thought it was universally known that Goldilocks was cautionary tale about minding your own business and not just taking other people’s stuff?

This perverse sociopathic interpretation that it’s about getting “too comfortable” would imply the breaking and entering part was okay.


@3: So you are just compeltely devoid of any sort of imagination, and can only think in the most concrete of terms?

I guess that explains why you are so angry all the time. The world must be such a confusing and scary place for you.

You have my sympathy.


Oh, Teddy. That was a left field sort of outburst.

So, so butthurt. This what you’re going to do now? Nip at my heels? Nip away. At least I know what epigenetics is. (Sorry folks. Teddy made a fool of himself - again - in another thread and just can’t let it go).

You know it wouldn’t kill you to just let it go and admit when you’re wrong. You’d feel better. You might learn something.


This is the most seattle article that ever seattled a seattle.


As a tall dude that worries maybe a little too much about my fellow movie patrons' experience, and is constantly worried that if I sit with my back straight that I'm lessening their experience, I have to back Frizzelle's argument. I have also never suffered from the inability to remain comfortable in one of those plush chairs, but I'll get that feeling about 1 in 3 times from your standard movie fold-down chair.

Also, they don't even celebrate birthdays in JW? The more I hear about this group, the more culty they sound. That strikes me as the break-you-down-to-lose-your-individuality sort of cult brainwashing tactics.


+1 for lounging at first run cinemas! I especially like it when the smaller theater spaces have the sofa-style seats. I saw Mom & Dad at a place that had those and it felt like hanging out with friends in a giant rec room. It was perfect.

I'm all for sitting in a hinge-bottomed box at revival spots, though!


Put me in the comfy seat group. Any seat was OK when I was a kid (anything was OK when I was a kid), but since about the age of 40, my butt bone starts to ache sitting in a conventional theater seat. Man, the Harvard Exit and the Guild 45 used to paralyze me for the rest of the day. When theaters started installing high back seating with flip-up arm rests, I was in heaven. Then I could change hips during the 2 or three hour film.

The problem now with theaters is VOLUME and civility. Please don't yak during the movie either on the phone or at the screen. Stop kicking my fucking seat! Turn off the smartphones, numby. It's getting harder and harder to enjoy that $10 cup of popcorn, isn't it?

The ONLY way you'll get me back in the theater is to have clean, comfortable seating. And as a trip to the cinema has become more a ride at Disneyland than an exploration of the human condition, the more comfortable the seat the better.