Seaworld photo: David Tribble

Match the numbered answer with the letter that corresponds to the correct clue.

1. Orlando, a novel by Virginia Woolf

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2. Orlando Jones

3. Orlando Sentinel

4. SeaWorld Orlando

5. Orlando, the movie

6. Orlando Bloom

7. Orlando Magic

8. Orlando, Florida

9. Orlando, the play

10. Orlando Cepeda

A. The longest and most beautiful lesbian love letter ever written

B. Site of the deadliest hate crime against LGBTQ people in US history

C. English actor who was photographed nakedly cavorting with Katy Perry

D. Site of a human being's death in the jaws of an orca

E. An adaptation by Sarah Ruhl of a "biography" of a man who becomes a woman and lives for at least 500 years

F. Contains Tilda Swinton and an oak tree

G. A first baseman who appeared in three World Series

H. A cast member on MADtv

I. A conservative-leaning newspaper that endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016

J. The basketball team that launched Shaquille O'Neal

Fill in your answers here to reveal the date of opening night of Orlando at UW School of Drama:

__ P R __ L __ __

[letter corresponding to number 1] [letter corresponding to number 3] [number corresponding to letter H] [number corresponding to letter F]

Orlando plays through May 7 at Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre, which was constructed in 1940 as the first theater in the round built in the United States.