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Why David Schmader Watched Every Single Movie Ever Filmed in Washington and Oregon

David Schmader and his dog Pierre. Paul Hoppe



Oh God, the poor thing had to watch the entire Twilight series. We appreciate your service, David.

Also, I don't know how this tipped from personal pet peeve status to full blown moral indignation, but there is a special place in movie hell for films set in Seattle but filmed in Vancouver. Including an appendix for such films would probably push the book to over 1,000 pages, but I would like for these films to be shamed somehow for their transgression.


The Beans of Egypt Maine was filmed in the neck of the woods where I grew up in eastern King County. Well, it was a good book.


1 I feel your pain. But it's not Vancouver's fault that they value the film industry more than Seattle does and make it exponentially easier and cheaper to film there. If you want to blame someone, blame Seattle politicians.

I used to sell furniture to film companies in New York, and at one point, productions were using fucking IOWA for NYC, if you can believe it--because with the tax breaks it cost a tenth as much to film there.


@1 Actually, since tax breaks are usually based on the state, not the city--it's probably Olympia you should blame.


@3-4 You're both correct of course, just putting films on blast in my little, irrelevant way.
Come to think of it, why is everything shot using Vancouver as a stand-in location... bad? I'm racking my brain for an exception but I can't think of a single good film that's done this. Maybe this sort of lack of concern for detail extends well beyond shooting location?

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