Kathy Griffin Is Back and Better Than Ever

A conversation with the comic about her life since the infamous photo.



I've never been much for Griffin's comedy

But don't, like, ALL OF US hate Trump and want him to die? I know I did. I think posting the photo as a famous person was an act better left in private, but IMO it shouldn't have been that big a deal.


One of the reasons people were upset is because Baron had seen it and oh, my, think of the children. Rather ironic when Trump and other Republicans don't think of the children as they rip them from their parents.


Good lord. All that over one dumb image. I don't see Snoop's career in the toilet, probably because people have an easy heuristic framework (rap) into which to place the idea of the artist/protagonist being both violent and cool. This, not so much, but the message is no different. Practically every comedian in America wishes they could do the same.

I say she should own it. She was right to apologize for the potential hurt but not for the point of the content. If you're going to go that distance, go that distance. Don't water it down for the sake of being a people-pleaser. Then again, my paycheck doesn't depend upon being entertaining. I have the luxury of saying things like this consequence-free, she doesn't really have that as a celebrity, so what do I know, right?


Griffin essentially did a right wing caricature of a left wing protester. Some of us left wingers surely deserve a little skewering, but not because we are literally blood thirsty.


she needs way more plastic surgery.



And you need to drain your swamp thing, SwampThing.


And with the swamp drained, what's Swampy gonna troll?


Kathy Griffin was screwed by friends and the left. People were sanctimonious asshats acting with a mob mentality. They should be ashamed of themselves. I am proud of Kathy Griffin, that she speaks her mind and will not be silenced. We need more people like her in this spineless country where people are unwilling to fight against our dictator and billionaire overlords.


Content aside, it’s a damn fine photograph of her. One of her best. Kudos to her and the photographer.

Content included, it is a damn fine photograph of a celebrity, one of the best.

Everyone has the right to protest that which ought to be protested. But as long as the focus is on being outraged at Kathy, whom we all know is a non-existent threat, we aren’t talking about the reasons behind the photograph’s statement. That’s all they care about, really. She shouldn’t have apologized for speaking against Trump, which will soon be a revolutionary act. Hey All preliminary acts of revolution must be quashed, and luckily for the oppressors, most will meet their end by our willingness to be easily distracted.


"More blisteringly funny than ever" reminds me of the March Hare telling Alice to have some more wine. One could go with Alice and say it's impossible to have more of something of which one hasn't had any yet, or with the Mad Hatter and say it's only too easy to have more than nothing.

In her favour, Ms G might be perfect casting to play Natalie Stathis, if they ever make a film of Robert Rodi's first novel. And I am grateful to her for illustrating so neatly how many so-called allies only support cheerleaders.