Art and Performance Summer 2018 Jun 6, 2018 at 4:00 am

A friendly debate between Rich Smith and Charles Mudede. Can you guess who prefers what?

Paige Vickers



Reading outdoors is a sub-optimal experience.
Ditto reading in bed.
However, with that said,
the hungry eye must be fed.


Reading outdoors provides a chance to discuss what you are reading with other people. That's why I prefer reading indoors.


Have you been to Seward Park, Rich? If you want to try reading outdoors again, that's a great place to do it. There are big trees to shade you, and on weekdays it's fairly secluded, not many people pass by to disturb and distract, but not too isolated so you don't have to worry about safety. Up the hill past Seward Audubon and the front parking lots.



Give me a terlet
or a comfy commode
something to read up on --
that shit’s Gold.

Reading outside?
that’s for the birds
I’ll be right here
forsaking turds.


my trouble with reading outdoors is that I always quickly realize that I am missing looking at the beautiful sky and tree branches and birds. Every single time the book ends up in my lap as I absorb the peace of the natural world.

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