Dear Academy, You Know How You Rarely Give Oscars to Black Film Artists?

Moonlight Is Your Chance to Make Things Right


step 1: stop caring about what the Academy does. it's people like you keeping them relevant.
That excludes Amma Asante and David Oyelowo for "A United Kingdom". Great director, great actor, great personal and political story all in one.
I didn't know that Acadmey members had their First Ammendment rights revoked when they joined. They don't have freedom of choice anymore.
Mr. Mudede, I agree on all of your comments in this article, with one exception: Janelle Monae deserves more credit that you give her. It matters not that "she is one of the most progressive soul singers of our day." What matters is that she gives a superlative performance. With very few lines, she conveys so much with just a look, a glance, or a touch. It is a very understated but eloquent performance.