Art and Performance Winter 2018 Dec 5, 2018 at 4:00 am

Andy Iwancio’s life story could make a great sitcom… in 2023 (maybe).

She’s also a DJ and a vegan. “But I’m a bad vegan,” she says, pointing to the leather on her shoes. Steve Korn



a vegan that wears leather is a special sort of jackass.


"A DJ. AND a comedian."

So. Unemployed with rich parents.


@1 Please, we're in modern-times,
I go by "Jackesse".

@2 OMG, such a sick burn. You should
go do comedy and use that in one of your



You don't think @2 came up with that "zinger" all on their own now, do you? I'm pretty sure he cribbed it from an old Dennis Miller routine.

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