Jill Stein's #Recount2016 appears to be going full steam, despite the best efforts of Trump's lawyers and Republicans in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to block the Green Party's bids for recounts in those states.

Stein held a press conference and rally outside Trump Tower in Manhattan this morning to announce that she was planning to "escalate" her bid for a recount in Pennsylvania, as well as address questions about where the cash donated to her ever-ballooning recount fund was being directed.

Here's a handy guide to what the hell is happening on all fronts of this complicated and confusing escapade.

What's happening in Michigan?

The recount in Michigan is underway after a federal judge ordered an immediate start to the hand counting of ballots, saying that a state law requiring a two-day delay after filing showed a "likelihood of irreparable harm." The recount, which may cost $5 million, needs to be complete by December 13, before the Electoral College votes in the president and vice-president on December 19.

Said Stein outside Trump tower Monday:

We’re celebrating today a judicial decision last night in Michigan by Judge Mark Goldsmith, who affirmed in his decision that this recount advances our fundamental right to vote and election fairness and accuracy and that these things are the bedrock of our democracy.

An appeal has already been filed by the Michigan GOP. Here's Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on the matter:

“I am pleased the Michigan Court of Appeals has chosen to take up the issue of the frivolous recount being demanded by Jill Stein,” Schuette said in a statement Monday. “Her insistence on a recount despite only getting 1 percent of the vote has created chaos for our county clerks and will cost Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars. I am asking the Court of Appeals to rule on the side of Michigan voters and end this frivolous recount.”

What's shaking in Pennsylvania?
Stein and other Penn. voters dropped a state lawsuit in Pennsylvania over the weekend, saying that the $1 million bond was "exorbitant." (Trump's people had asked for a $10 million bond.) But the Green Party leader/#Recount2016 impresario was back at it Monday morning, filing a lawsuit in federal court. Trump's lead in Pennsylvania, which is still working on the first round of counting, has shrunk from 71,000 votes to an even slimmer 49,000.

Any news from Wisconsin?
Sort of! The recount, which began Thursday, is still going, despite a lawsuit filed Friday by a pro-Trump group. Election officials are working "days, nights and weekends" to get the ballots counted by the December 12 deadline.

Oh, and how much money does she need, again?
Not $2.5 million. Not $4.5 million or $7 million. Nine point five million is the new goal post, which Stein says she'll need every penny of. It's worth noting that of the projected $5 million cost of the Michigan recount, Stein has so far ponied up $973,250. Taxpayers will take on the rest, according Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.

Shifty? Trump thinks so.