Thank you triggered Progs for paying to increase Donald Trump's victory in Wisconsin. Also be sure to continue wearing a diaper pin.


@1 It's not "increasing" Trump's victory to properly count the votes he got on election day.
@2 Math must be hard for you. Seems all this recount has done is increase Trump's vote total by 39 votes to date. But thanks for paying millions of dollars to pad Trump's historic victory in Wisconsin.

We appreciate it.
Greens don't give a fuck how Democrats feel about what they do. Like Republicans, they get themselves a recount when it serves their own purposes, and when other parties whine, it's only so much noise as far as they're concerned.

Democrats can't figure out why the Greens don't try harder to make the other parties like them. Especially why they don't try to curry favor with Democrats, they way Democrats try to get Republicans to like them. That's not the Greens; that's you, fuckers. You Democrats are the ones who are too afraid to demand a recount because then the other party might say bad things about you. You have that problem. Greens? No. They don't have that problem. They don't give a fuck how much you grouse and fuss. They have their own agenda. If they had the same agenda as you, they wouldn't be a whole other party.

Get that through your head and you'll have a much easier time understanding why they do what they do. Democrats need to stop worrying about what the Greens do or don't do and get to work themselves. Go get a recount on your own. Don't stand back hoping some other party does it for you, and then bitch because they're not doing it the way you would have.
So... can someone please explain to me why a recount in however many states is a bad thing?

Why are recounts in as many states as necessary bad for Democracy and why is it bad for America? Please explain.

Nobody seriously believes that you give a shit about the financial cost. Oh, please...

From where I sit, it looks to me like The Stranger is so cosmically butthurt by Hillary and Goldman Sachs fucking up an election that only they and their hubris could have possibly fucked up, are now siding with the fascist-elect-in-chief purely out of their delusional spite.
@5 - thanks, I may copy & paste this for people I know who are like "what are they DOING??? Don't they know it's just going to make people even madder at Hillary?"
Does anyone know what would happen if these recounts 1) were finished before the EC votes and 2) show that Hillary won at least 270 EC votes? And I don't mean it having to go to the House; I mean Hillary outright winning at least 270 EC votes.
Certainly the Republicans would recognize scams to raise money when they see them. How much bank you suppose they've made off the War on Christmas alone?

Jill Stein is ridiculous but if she and the Greens want a recount, whatever. Its not like they need my permission.
We're the only developed nation that doesn't audit national elections, and at the time we're counting, via publicly hand-counted paper ballots. Newsflash: it's illegal for private corporations to privately count votes via easily changeable or erasable software. NTM corporations that are even donating to candidates' campaigns.

Why is it other nations' citizenry are educated enough to understand the nature of software but no so, America?

You not only "need help voting" (and by GW and Diebold) but you need help thinking about this?

IMO, it's not *just* Jill Stein who wants your money but all of the concerned Americans who are trying to stop Trump.

There was an article in NY Magazine discussing statistical anomalies observed by experts urging Clinton to call for an audit and/or recount in the 3 states, here: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. There are also problems in other states where people are requesting recounts and audits. And, other parties are also calling for national audit because federal investigators have found (for real, this time) evidence of hacking by people within the Russian government.

Just keep on going without looking back?

This is not rational. We should closely examine the votes, and if everything is as it should be, then, no problem. What is Trump so frightened by? If he has nothing to hide, why is he fighting this recount with frivolous lawsuits and attempts to continually raise the costs of the recount?

Plus, the recounts have already led to tens of thousands of votes changed - just by virtue of the fact that the recount was going to happen. And, they have uncovered evidence of machine tampering in Wisconsin.

As for Pennsylvania, I read from more informal social media sources that the recounts were stil continuing within specified areas. Trump's lead has shrunk to .8 and if it shrinks by another several thousand to .5 (or something like that) it trigger an automatic statewide recount.

That Michigan Secretary of State ought to be thrown out by the voters just by virtue of her comments concerning this recount. She clearly has no professional integrity concerning the right of the People to know and audit and the responsibility of her office to comply. Well run? No evidence? Not so! The recount was initiated because there IS evidence of fraud and/or error. She is a liar.

@10 By the way, posters keep saying that it's the Greens doing the recount. Newsflash: most of the donations have come from Clinton supporters. Which is why Clinton's team came on board with the recount, too, including their attorneys. So this is not just about the Greens, but the Democrats too. Those trying to paint this with one broad brush stroke are just plain wrong.

@11 Some have suggested that this is one of those times when Clinton and Obama are not seeing eye to eye, and frankly, if that is so, this is one of those ways in which I have preferred Clinton to Obama. She's more willing to fight sometimes than he is. Let the recounts go on!

Wouldn't the Republican electors then be replaced by Democratic electors, who will most likely vote for Clinton?
@ 13,

That isnt the point.

The point is, no matter who wins the recount, we have some reassurance after the recount happens that the vote was accurate.

Trump's losing his shit over this. I'll grant, he's the only candidate with anything to lose, but if there was no tampering, he could just let the recount move forward, wait a week, and then when the results reaffirm his Presidency, move on.

As it is, his rather public objection combined with a flurry of legal actions aimed at stopping the recount, or delaying it past the December 13 deadline, have placed an asterix by his Presidency.

Is he really the president-elect? How can we know without a recount? And what is he fighting so hard to hide, very specifically, in three states flagged by cybersecurity experts?

To paraphrase Mr Robot, our democracy may have been hacked.

Trump knows Clinton is clueless on cybersecurity. Podesta's emails destroyed her politically. On the other hand, nobody-although I'm sure many have tried- has hacked Trump. They must have some buff monkey cybersecurity at Trump Tower. Maybe thats why he's rather rule from there instead of the White House. Maybe Trump Tower is more secure than the White House.

Hoever Nixonian he may be, there will be no tapes in this Presidency.

Now, if I were running the Greens, I'd send someone to DEF CON 25 this year looking for recruits. The Democrats are so goddamn old, they were felled by various and sundry teenage kids in Russia and Macedonia. So stuck in the 1990's so unwilling to admit that the world has changed significantly-especially the digital world- they refused to hire decent cybersecurity. They spent that money on celebs, when they ought to have hired some hackers of their own. Ad whats worse, there has been zero navel gazing about this. They don't want to learn. The Greens should take note of this, and strive to do better. Politics has moved online, and your cute little analog campaign world can't win against that.

Yes, we need to check the voting machines in PA. And not to help stuck-in-the-past Clinton. We need to do this so we can know for ourselves just how vulnerable we are to a hack. Maybe the fucking Democrats have no desire to secure their emails, but I want my vote to be secure.
@10: There is absolutely no basis for claiming any kind of Russian hack of voting machines during the elections, according to the Washington Post, Poltiifact, and the Obama administration. The Pennsylvania recount has added a total of FIVE votes to Clinton after auditing some of the most populated and Dem-friendly counties.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has found no anomalies or significant issues, stating that any irregularities or miscounted votes were due to simple human error on the part of voters, according to ABC news.

No recount has been ordered in Michigan due to evidence of voter fraud or tampering, since there is none, as admitted by Stein herself. Recounts are happening because Stein is filing and paying the fees for them. There does not have to be evidence of anything for a recount to happen.

Stop spreading fake news.
the three wisconsin counties with the biggest trump gains this cycle decided against hand counts and will go with machines for their recount, because of good reasons don't you know it.
Ahh, the Tweeter-in-Chief supporters' version of logical consistency: while your margin of victory has gone down by tens of thousands in Pennsylvania, you crow about tens of... ones netted in Wisconsin. Only 0.00156% of the way there!
@18: To be fair however, those new votes are not part of the recount, they are absentee ballots that simply have not been counted yet, and have already been considered in the projections giving Trump the win. So barring a crazy percentage of Clinton votes in those ballots, it will not make much difference.

Also, with the MI and WI recounts not helping Clinton much, PA will not even matter even if by some miracle it flips.
if this hag had not run hence taken 1% of the vote in the swing states, we'd now have a president elect Cankles Clinton

Thanks ya old screw!!
Jill Stein is all about the $$

Just look at her investment portfolio, tons of Defense Firms and Pharma companies.

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