The building that once housed the old Capitol Hill Value Village is about to be gutted in the name of progress. (Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has the whole story.) Though the space got a brief reprieve from redevelopment as the community arts space V2, tonight begins the last gasp before the end, the Punk Rock Flea Market.

This three-day alternative market is an example of DIY culture keeping its toehold in a landscape of faceless condos and increasingly expensive retail options. Artists and volunteers trade services for vending space. Founder Joshua Okrent uses Facebook to source donated building materials. The vendor list offers a corrective to gift guides stuffed with Amazon links: vintage clothing, original illustrations, bike parts, music, fancy rocks, comics, tinctures, and Christmas ornaments with swears on 'em.

There will be DJs and live music all three evenings. DJ Boo Berry will spin tonight, and live music will include surf rock outfit Golden Idols and heavy rock trio The Grindylow. Wednesday it's DJ Port a Party, Pig Snout, and Sharkie. Thursday's closing lineup, with solvents, Dancer and Prancer, and Fe Fi Fo Fums, starts at 9 pm.

All this for a cool $1 admission.