What's the carbon footprint of the eclipse? Most fuel-injected cars waste gas after less than 10 seconds of idling and most drivers don't know this fact.
This info is 2 days old. This traffic backup near Prineville has already cleared and was related to the Symbiosis festival which began yesterday. King 5 reported this afternoon that Oregon traffic today seems pretty normal for a Friday.
..."if you're staying in Seattle, check out local eclipse-viewing parties here. No traffic!"

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! No traffic? This is Seattle... And no totality is a real issue here. I'm off to an undisclosed location in Oregon in the middle of the night tomorrow, with a full tank of gas, lots of food and water, and the full willingness to pee on the side of the road. Bring it!
I'm there now in Zone of Totality and nothing even remotely unusual

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