Please make this a thing. We love hearing from you this way.
Send us a handwritten letter—1535 11th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Seattle, WA 98122—and we might feature it on Slog. CF

The office manager just came by and handed me this letter. She also said, "Dockside Cannabis." Then she walked away. I didn't know what she meant by "Dockside Cannabis" until I got to the end of the letter.

The whole thing is below.


Dear "The Stranger,"

Really surprised that you receive few handwritten letters! In response to the last one you got, I wish to say that I love your new format. I can hold on to it with my feeble grip and no pages fall out! It's way easier to flip pages, too.

I love your writers, btw. I've been reading you for like 15 years since I was an impressionable college lass. More PNW-related science & environmental coverage would be very welcome, but otherwise no complaints.

An admirer ❤️

P.S. Can you print something about where to find good topical weed/CBD products around here?