Donald Trump has ever in his life consumed anything labeled with the word "diet" in its name. Otherwise, spot on. I look forward to filling out my own copy tonight when I'm home.
Enough of this coyness, Katie. You obviously contributed to the campaign to get on their mailing list.
If you had, I dunno, done the slightest bit of homework before deciding to run for President
He obviously did do plenty of homework before running for President, and before sending out this propaganda-poll: He knows his base, he knows what irrational things they fear, and he knows how to manipulate them to keep them pumped up with good old anxieties. AND he knows how to manipulate you into a frothy lather. Clearly.

Acting like he's a total dolt and getting all "liberal incensed" plays right into his strategy of you hating him, which his supporters love. Divide, conquer. Done and done.
@4 what policies?
trade, defense, economics, education, security, education, foreign affair, budgets. you know, stuff you ignore so you can publicly attack Trump, yet again...
No. 25. Do you want to see more done to stop radical Islamic terrorists from coming to our shores?: Yes, we need to sell more Hijab Barbies made in China for the upcoming Christmas holiday.
@6 you don't know anything about any of those policies.
Also, I'm gonna bet that this is a screener survey. A script probably goes through the responses, and puts the ones with the answers they want on another list for hardcore begging.

I doubt a human ever comes near it.
Two Corinthians, One Cup!

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