Sorry for double post.

It’s capital, not capitol, and that’s called Vitamin R in these parts.

It’s by far the best swill in America.


Lester, "removing capitol from the community" would be buying Olympia beer.


IPA is a "culture" now!
I already thought the Stranger reporting/stories were going down hill, but JESUS FUCK!

Guess I am out of luck with my hope that more places would sell more then 1-2 non IPA options.... You know not everyone likes that stuff.


Geezzus. Get a grip, Lester. It's just beer. No one is getting stabbed in the back.


I would add: don't buy the bullshit Rainier, period. The Rainier Beer brand is owned by Pabst, and regular "Vitamin R" is brewed in CA, although these new niche-brand brews (they marketed a "Pale Mountain Ale" a couple of years ago, that failed spectacularly and was discontinued just a few months after being introduced) are probably coming out of the old Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, which is now owned by a consortium, the "Craft Brew Alliance" comprised of Redhook, Widmer Brothers, Kona Brewing, Omission Beer, and Square Mile Cider.


Damn, beaten to the punch on snarky "capitol" comments.

Because I am from Seattle, I drink Rainier because it's nostalgic and reminds me of home. I won't drink Rainier IPA because it's likely disgustingly overhopped like most shitty IPAs these days. I will keep drinking Raindogs though. And Oly.

Best goddam commercials of my youth.


Rainier is too sweet anyway. After drinking so much bitter IPA, plain old lagers just don't taste good to me anymore.

But agree with the spirit of this story.


btw, after brewing my own beer for a year, I have a new found respect for and love of Pilsners. So hard to get a Pilsner right.


4.5% ABV is not a session beer.

Also, try brewing your own beer. It's actually really simple.


"Seattle's Reuben's Brews cans a great, light pilsner"

This one, right?


No one should buy any IPAs. They are a blight on this earth.


Best to enjoy beer just for your own taste and budget without regard to politics.


Budgeting isn’t woke(I don’t, I simply grasp the ancient concept that is zero).


I have been known to buy Rainier from time to time, seeing as it is cheap and buying multiple $7 pints at the bar is not always in the cards during a night out. I get that. However, I don't understand why anyone would buy an $8.99 six pack of Rainier IPA when you can find any number of micro brews for the same price. Heck, Fremont six-packs have been on sale for $7.99 on and off all summer, and that is some darn good beer. I just don't get the economics of these macro "craft" brews from Pabst et al. For the most part they are no cheaper than the beers from the micro breweries and no better (and often quite a bit worse). Not to mention the moral imperative to support your local brewer, etc...


Wow. Us on the left need to chill the fuck out and stop trying to punish anything that smacks of a national brand. The Rainier brewery in Irwindale, CA is a union shop, as best I can tell. Rainier's Pale Mountain Ale is brewed in Woodinville, and this beer might very well be as well (I couldn't find any info on where this is going to be brewed).

No, it's not a microbrew. But calm down with the pitchforks, this could mean more beer and more local jobs. Maybe you should, I dunno, do some journalism and find out where they intend to brew this.



I imagine much of it is a matter of scale: Pabst can market a "Rainier IPA" nationally (whether they actually would is another question) just as they do with their other brands, which a local or regional craft brew isn't going to have the financial resources to do. They set it at a matching price-point, because that's generally what people expect to pay for similar brands, and it gives the impression it's of similar quality; if they priced it higher no one would buy it, because there are so many other options, but they won't price it lower, because that would leave the impression it's of lesser quality.


The can looks like a shout-out to Green Death (Rainier Ale from our mis-spent youth).



WAS brewed in Woodinville (see my post @6); they discontinued it in October 2016, even though it was only launched in June of that same year.


Toe Tag. thanks for the memory... damn I miss those days.. bag o Dags and Vit R... Green R that is.


Good god. Get over yourself. When 'the left' chooses this sort of thing as a hill to die on, it's no wonder that the nation is going fascist.

Helpful hint, if you want people on your side, don't blame them for taking part in the world they live in. Certainly don't attack them for the can of beer they buy. To paraphrase the Dude... I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm saying you are an asshole.


Always nice to know where your money goes and spend accordingly, but it can get tricky. There's an issue of scalability—if you see the product on store shelves it might not be brewed or distilled where you think it is. That's not to say it's not a quality product made to the owners' specifications, but those big copper pots you saw on the tour just might not producing the 5,000,000 barrels a day they need to produce stay afloat.


National completion is going to hurt microbrew sales. And even if it does, then these bitter entrepreneurs need to do their jobs better.



In this respect liberals and conservatives ARE alike: some of each just happen to be assholes, surprise, surprise.



I'd say there is an essential difference. The right are assholes to the people they deem their enemies. The left are assholes to everyone, including the people they are 'trying' to win over. One side is winning. One side is losing.




But do go right on drinking awful PBR, hipsters. All about the local but you will drink crap swill that has no connection with our region but you won't drink crap swill that was actually made here, and both are now owned by the same group? You, amuse me.



I do agree that where you spend your money matters. I also think attacking the people on the bottom scraping by in a horrible system, in this case over what beer they buy, is counterproductive to the goal.


I love craft beers but I have had it up to here with IPAs. My kingdom for a decent sour or, if the stars align, a kolsch. God kolsch fucking rules.


True hipsters will buy this beer just because you said not to.


IPA as a style was a perversion designed to not go bad on the long export journey.
Not for balance or nuance.


@34 And original British IPAs were never as unbalanced as American ones. It takes northwest hops to impart that soaked in pine needles effect.



Right, and their enemies are everyone who isn't a cis-het white male with an annual income over $1,000,000 - that's 99.9% of the population.


Omg please get over yourself... While you have done minimal research, I would think that you would realize that this beer is actually brewed in a Union shop and warehouses and delivered by Union workers. Workers that are actually paid a living wage with great benefits. So get the fuck out of here with your snobbish attitude. I’ll just crack open a nice and cold tall boy of Rainier and support Union workers.


I'll give up my Tall Boy Vitamin R when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. Or something to that effect.


I only buy locally produced Top Ramen and smoke locally produced cigarettes. I am doing my part. Also I only litter on a local street. Never a national highway.


Puh-leeze, 'west coast IPA culture' is a bad joke focused on tricking people into paying top dollar for overpriced swill with zero craftmanship under the rubric of 'artisanal'. This is definitely 'artisanal' in the folk art sense of the word. If Rainier can bring down this charade and leave room for craft brewers who demonstrate actual craft, more power to them.


I've evolve to nearly always buying only one beer - Leffe Blonde. I see it floating there in the wall of shit IPA's that the collective young American upscale hipster fat-assed-soft-boy blown-out provincial palate has made the beer aisle, and I nearly weep with gratefulness that some kind importer brings me this ancient monastic ambrosia. And for less money than the latest hazy bullshit clown beer. Fuck handing my money to the local hacks - Make Belgium Great Again! I'd buy the hat even

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