ICYMI (we sure did) Death Cab for Cutie filmed what has to be the cheapest lyric video ever made in front of our office/construction site. It came out last month but we are too busy writing about new Seattle issues like the Amazon grocery story, Amazon movie theatre, Amazon health care iniative, and big ol' Amazon balls to write about old Seattle issues like music. It's too bad we missed the filming, however, because the song wasn't just shot in spitting distance of Stranger HQ, it's clearly about us too. I mean, take this lyric: "Oh, how I feel like a Stranger here, searching for something that's disappeared." We're right here, Ben! Call us next time!

In other news, we commend Ben Gibbard's commitment to bangs as well as the real video for this ode to a changing Seattle, which was, oddly, filmed in LA.